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Are These “Healthy” Foods Damaging Your Smile?

If you’re looking to boost your diet, then a good habit to pick up is swapping out junk food for healthier substitutes.

You can’t neglect your smile, but unfortunately there are some “healthy” choices that spell trouble for your teeth.


Nutritionally-speaking, dried fruit might be healthier than cookies and chips. Unfortunately, the natural and added sugars in sticky, chewy, dried fruits are just the sort of thing cavity-causing bacteria love. The texture of raisins and other dried fruits makes it hard to get them out of your teeth when you’re done eating.

Black Coffee

Plain coffee is MUCH better than sweetened options. However, coffee is still notorious for staining teeth. No only that, the caffeine will dry out your mouth, and a dry mouth can’t fight off oral infections.


No, adding ice to your drink – even plain water – is not a bad thing. It’s when you get into a habit of chewing on ice that you put your teeth at risk. Ice-chewing is really bad for tooth enamel! Too much crunching on water in its solid form can wear down your teeth or break fillings.


Acid in foods like citrus fruits will weaken tooth enamel. This makes teeth more likely to pick up stain and develop cavities.

Wait a half hour after that glass of orange juice before brushing. This gives your saliva chance to neutralize acid in the mouth before you go brushing it everywhere.

In planning your diet, aim to go fresh, whole, and sugar-free, and drink lots of plain water.

It’s what your body needs! Your smile will thank you, too. Ask your dentist for more information about smile-friendly diets.

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Diet and Dental Health

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We all like to have an occasional snack or sweet drink, and we all know that too much a good thing is often a bad thing.  Did you also know that these extra calories from sweet drinks or snacks may also cause gum disease and cavities?

Eating snacks is a healthy way to help maintain your weight, limit food cravings, and to avoid over-eating later on.  Snacks, though, should be moderate in size, and also help to keep your teeth healthy.  Eating healthy meals is also just as important.

Most dentists recommend that you follow some simple guidelines when planning meals and snacks to help keep not only your mouth, but the rest of your body, healthy for many years.

Some easy tips to remember when eating or snacking is to drink plenty of water.  Being well hydrated helps limit snacking and cravings, and also helps keep your mouth moist.  When planning meals and snacks, eat a combination of foods and colors…the more diverse your plate is, the more likely it is to be healthy.  Items such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy are all good choices for meal planning and snacks.  Lean protein sources such as lean beef, poultry and fish are also good choices.

Excessive snacking has been shown to not only be bad for your waistline, but also for your mouth.  The more you snack throughout the day, the lower the amount of saliva production you have.  Saliva helps to wash away bad bacteria in your mouth, and helps prevent gum disease and cavities.

If you have questions about your diet and your dental health, talk to your dentist or dental hygienist.  They will be happy to help you plan a meal that is good for your mouth and teeth.  Never forget to always brush and floss as part of good oral care.

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