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How Should I Care For My Child’s Teeth?

Children’s teeth, like adult teeth, need specialized care. Once your child starts cutting teeth, you should use a soft-bristled toothbrush designed specifically for infants and water to brush his or her teeth. You should aim to brush your child’s teeth twice a day. You are encouraged to brush your child’s teeth for him or her until s/he is old enough to thoroughly do it alone. You may also want to purchase colored mouthwash for your child to rinse with that will highlight the plaque build up and allow your child to see exactly what needs to be brushed. Adding a little fun to teeth-brushing is always a bonus with children!

As well as taking care of your child’s teeth at home, it is also important to have your child see a Duluth dentist early. “Baby teeth” are very important developmentally. Not only do these teeth help your child to eat and speak properly, but also they lead the way for permanent teeth to follow. By taking good care of those baby teeth, your child’s gums will be healthy and will allow the permanent teeth to erupt properly. Taking your child to the dentist at an early age is the best way to prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, and other problems that are hard to detect at home. Taking your child to the dentist early also promotes a lifetime of good oral health.

Taking care of your child’s teeth is as simple as caring for your own. With a good example to follow at home, your child’s smile can continue to light up a room.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Rowe, Rowe Family Dental Care


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