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Same Day Dental Bridges

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Replacing a missing tooth used to take weeks, even months, and multiple appointments to get the treatment completed. Now, dental patients can replace a missing tooth with a bridge in just a single treatment appointment! CEREC 3D technology allows dentists to complete same-day dental bridges and even crowns without ever having to send off impressions to a 3rd party dental laboratory.

With CEREC same-day bridges, all your dentist needs to do is prepare the two adjacent teeth to where the missing tooth is, and then take a virtual impression with the 3D scanning software. This image creates a digital impression of the teeth that is even more precise than a traditional dental impression, allowing the permanent appliance to fit as accurate as absolutely possible. After the full 3D image has been scanned into the software, an on-site CEREC milling machine will make the dental bridge at the very same appointment. Once completed, the dentist takes the bridge and bonds it permanently onto the prepared teeth, giving patients the advantage of dental bridges without multiple care visits.

A bridge can be used to replace 1 or 2 missing teeth when there are teeth adjacent to the area that are healthy enough to support the permanent appliance. Bridges look and feel similar to a traditional crown, but are like several crowns bonded together to make a single prosthesis, with the false crowns suspended by the anchor teeth on each end. CEREC bridges are made of tooth colored material that is shaded to match nearby teeth as closely as possible, giving you a smile that is healthy and looks just like your other permanent teeth.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Rowe, Rowe Family Dental Care


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