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Dental Implant Restoration

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From time to time, even dental implants may need to have restorative procedures such as crown or abutment replacement. When a crown fractures, it is a relatively simple process for your dentist to have a new crown made that will fit and function just as well as the implant crown that you previously had. The process of having the crown made is similar to traditional crowns where an impression is made of the abutment and the model is sent off to a laboratory so that a new permanent crown can be made. If a new abutment is needed, the abutment is typically placed and then a new crown is made to have a customized fit to the new abutment.

Your dental implant roots are designed to keep your smile functioning for several years. Should you experience a broken implant crown or abutment, a dental implant restoration is simply a matter of restoring the functional crown portion of the implant, rather than complete the entire implant process over again. After making the investment in your dental implants, maintenance or restoration of your implant crowns is something you owe to your smile. Should you ever experience problems with your dental implants, please have your dentist examine them in a timely manner. Routine preventive care can extend the life and function of your implants, and problems can potentially be caught before they happen, making treatment easier to perform.

As with losing any tooth, losing an implant crown can affect the function and positioning of the nearby teeth in your mouth. To maintain the health of your other teeth, have dental needs such as broken implant crowns addressed in a timely manner.

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