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The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

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If you lose a tooth as an adult (whether from accident, decay, or extraction) it is important to replace the missing tooth. The jawbone underneath the tooth will weaken without a tooth in it, and once the jaw bone weakens surrounding teeth will begin to shift. If you have had orthodontic work in the past, your time and money will be lost if all of your teeth shift into unwanted positions. If a tooth is not replaced over an extended amount of time, the weakened jawbone can cause other teeth to fall out. Your entire alignment can be affected by the initial loss of only one tooth.

It is also very difficult to keep exposed gums clean. Gums are extremely sensitive tissue areas, and brushing them is not easy to do. As you may have experienced time to time, brushing sensitive gums can cause bleeding as your gum tissues are exposed. With exposed gum tissue, infection can occur quickly from the bacteria that is always present within your mouth. Infections that form in your gum tissue can spread rapidly to other areas of your body compromising your overall health.

Dental implants and bridges are the most common forms of tooth replacement. Many considerations need to be taken into account to determine which replacement method is ideal for you. Your dentist can talk with you about these considerations and how to best choose how you will replace your teeth. Your oral health is extremely important to you as a living person. Replacing missing teeth quickly can help to ensure that your general health is optimal.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mac Worley, Mountain View Oral Surgery and Dental Implants


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