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Dental Emergencies Part II

Our last article discussed common dental emergencies, including things like a broken tooth or a tooth that is knocked out.  This article will discuss other common dental emergencies, and offer you some practical advice on what to do until you can be seen by your dentist.

One very common mouth injury is a bitten tongue or lip. Sometimes the bite is severe enough to cut the tip of the tongue off, or to completely puncture the lip.  Cleanse the area, and go to the emergency department or your dentist right away.  If you have the piece cut off, place it in a glass of water while traveling to the dentist or emergency room.  In some cases, the tongue can be sewn back on and in the case of a severe lip cut, stitches may be necessary to help the repair.  Do not delay in seeking attention if you or a family member has bitten your tongue or lip severely.

Children are almost always getting into things, and toddlers in particular are interested in everything.  One of the ways they learn is by picking things up, and playing with them.  Unfortunately, sometimes these items end up in the child’s mouth, and may become trapped.  If your child has an object stuck in her mouth, first make sure that she can breathe adequately.  Ask her to speak or say something, or try to cough.  If she can do these things, she is getting adequate air.  If not, you should immediately call 911 for assistance.  If the object is simply caught in the mouth or between her teeth, try to remove it gently with dental floss.  Never use scissors or tweezers or other sharp objects to remove anything caught in the mouth.  Immediately contact your dentist to be seen to help remove the object.

If you encounter a dental emergency, contact your dentist right away to be seen.

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