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Family Block Appointments

In today’s world, children and adult alike are busy with so many activities including school, sports, dance classes, grocery shopping, commuting and of course work.  Life is so busy that most families use a calendar in the kitchen to track the activities in order to keep them straight.  Scheduling things such as routine dentist visits for parents and children alike can become extremely difficult and in many cases result in multiple trips to the dentist office to get everyone in the family seen.  Now families have the opportunity to schedule dental visits using family block appointments.

Family block appointments allow the entire patient’s family to be seen in one visit.  The family dental office dedicates a certain amount of time several times a week for the dental professionals, including the dental hygienist(s) and dentist(s) to see families.  Depending upon the size of the family and the size of the dentist’s office, this is accomplished in one of two ways.  In the first way, the members of the family are all seen at the same time by the dental staff, which allows the entire family to get in and out quickly.  If the family is too large or the dental practice is small, members of the family are seen in back to back appointments, which allows everyone to be seen on the same day and generally at the same time.

Family block appointments allow adults, as well as their children, to easily schedule routine dentist visits.  This eliminates needless individual trips to the dentist and frees up some space on your calendar for some other activity!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Hye Park


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