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Is Fast Ortho Safe?

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For busy adults in our busy society, finding the time to have braces can seem like an impossible dream. Fortunately, almost any dental practice that provides orthodontic care also has some options for accelerating treatment.

It’s worth questioning, however, just how safe the process is. Straightening teeth is serious business. If done incorrectly, teeth can be permanently damaged.

So why encourage speeding up what is already a very delicate process?

Why Provide Fast Braces Options

As mentioned earlier, most adults just don’t have the time to spend years in braces and visit the office for adjustments. But everyone deserves the health and cosmetic benefits that braces provide!

Fast ortho makes the technology available to a wider variety of candidates. It’s worth mentioning that fast ortho is offered to adults and teens whose teeth are already developed. Rushing orthodontic treatment for kids whose jaws are still growing is never a good idea.

How to Speed Up Ortho Treatment

One method for speeding up ortho is by placing braces or a retainer on only the front teeth. These are the teeth that show in a smile. Focusing on just these teeth gets you the cosmetic benefits without taking all the time to adjust the back teeth, as well.

There are other ways to make even full braces treatment moves along a little faster:

  • Surgery to improve spacing between teeth
  • Propel Alveocentesis to boost bone’s natural remodeling process
  • AcceleDent to speed up the movement of teeth in braces

The right technology and techniques when coupled with careful planning can make your ortho treatment fast and safe!

Contact your local dentist or orthodontist for more information on the orthodontic options available to you.

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Is Accelerated Ortho Safe?

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When it comes to having a straighter smile, everyone wants beautiful results and they want them fast. Thankfully, some advancements in the field of orthodontics have opened the way to enjoying faster treatment.

Does it work? And even more importantly, is accelerated orthodontic treatment safe? It’s time to find out whether “fast braces” are right for you.

Age is More Than a Number

First of all, braces are almost always recommended only for those with a mature dentition. That is, having all adult teeth in place.

Kids and pre-teens are still going through crucial growth. Teeth are still forming inside the bone, and the jaw hasn’t reached its full potential. Some orthodontic treatment can help kids maintain the space needed for adult teeth to come in. But kids’ teeth should never be forced into another position any sooner than they are ready to!

If you’re an adult or teen looking to improve your tooth alignment, then yes, accelerated ortho is safe and could shorten your time spent wearing braces.

How You Can Speed Up Treatment

Just what is accelerated ortho? Teeth can only move so fast. But if you prioritize treatment to one localized spot in your mouth, then it won’t take as long (and it’s still safe.)

Accelerated ortho focuses on correcting the teeth you see when you smile. Straightening a few front teeth takes only a matter of months. Compare that to straightening all of your teeth for two years or more!

What this comes down to is what your teeth need. If you can get away with straightening just the front teeth, then you might want to give accelerated ortho a try.

Talk with your dentist or orthodontist to learn about what options are best for your smile needs.

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Do Adults Make Good Orthodontic Patients?

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If you’ve ever though to yourself, “I’m too old for orthodontics” then it’s time to think again! While it’s true that many people have their smiles corrected during their younger years, adults make excellent orthodontic patients as well.


Because Adults Are Committed to the Best Possible Outcome

Since most adults are paying for their own treatment, they value it more. As a result, they do what it takes to follow their dentist’s instructions, including the home care that it takes for their treatment to progress. Wearing your appliances regularly and properly ensure that your treatment can be completed in the shortest possible timeframe. 

More Cosmetic Straightening Options are Available

You don’t have to wear metal brackets and wires to have the straight smile that you’ve always wanted. Clear options are available, allowing you to keep the professional appearance that is important to you. From tooth colored brackets to clear alignment trays, there are more options than you have ever realized!

Adults Follow their Home Care Instructions

It’s difficult to get younger patients to clean around their orthodontic appliances well. Most teens are in a rush or simply don’t pay attention to the small details, like brushing around an orthodontic bracket. Adult patients often enjoy removable aligners that are easy to keep clean, allowing them to brush and floss as normally. If they are wearing fixed orthodontics, adults are much more dedicated to keeping their oral hygiene up to par.

With so many teeth straightening options, there’s something for everyone. Some types of cosmetic teeth straightening take only 6 months! Ask your dentist today about what type of adult orthodontic option is best for your smile.

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Inman Aligner Orthodontic Retainers

Posted in Braces

What would you say if you could straighten your teeth without braces in just 6-16 months? With the Inman Aligner, it’s completely possible. The Inman Aligner is a removable orthodontic retainer that is delivered by your dentist. It is removable, making it easier to care for throughout the day when it comes to brushing, flossing, and enjoying your favorite foods. Best of all – you don’t have to go to the orthodontist office for a straighter looking smile. 

The Inman Aligner retainer uses constant slight pressure on appropriate teeth to gradually move the teeth each day. Since there are not wires or brackets, the pressure allows movement to occur at a quicker rate. That’s why results are seen so quickly. The length of treatment is much quicker than any other type of orthodontic treatment available, making it perfect for people who want straighter teeth but not the commitment of lengthy treatments like braces or other types of aligners. 

How does it work so fast? The Inman Aligner only addresses the teeth in the front of your mouth – the ones that most patients are concerned with when it comes to how their smile looks. With the slight pressure of wearing the aligner throughout the day, the front teeth can move at an accelerated rate because the retainer isn’t trying to correct other teeth as well. Focusing the realignment to just the front of the mouth is what produces such a short time frame. 

Do you have gaps between your front teeth, crowding, or misalignment that shows when you laugh or smile? Do you want straighter teeth but don’t want to spend 12 months or more in braces? Then it’s time to ask your dentist about the convenience of the Inman Aligner.

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