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The Most Effective Teeth Whitening Methods

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Whiter, more beautiful smiles can boost your self-confidence, create great first impressions and make you seem like a friendlier person since you’ll want to smile more. When it comes down to deciding how to whiten your teeth, most people want to use a method that will be as effective as possible so that they can achieve the maximum results.

There is a big difference between over the counter whitening products and the professional strength gels available at your dental office. Kits found at major retailers are formulated so that they will produce noticeable results in most people, but the solutions are weaker and the delivery method does not provide a custom application. These kits are “one size fits all”, even though many dental patients have differing whitening needs.

Professional whitening kits and in-office whitening treatments offer the most significant whitening results possible. Custom whitening trays hold prescription strength whitening gel against all surfaces of your teeth, ensuring an even whitening result across your entire mouth. That’s something that over the counter treatments cannot do. Having in-office laser whitening amplifies the results, allowing patients to have years of deep-set stains lifted from their teeth in just one appointment.

For the most significant teeth whitening treatment, ask your Fayetteville dentist if custom trays or in-office whitening is more appropriate. If you only have mild stain or want to lighten your teeth by a shade or two, then your dentist can recommend a specific type of over the counter treatment that can help based on your individual smile. All products work differently and on various levels. Always consult with your dentist before selecting a product to ensure the safety of your teeth and the results you want.

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