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3 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

As parents, we always want what’s best for our children. From deciding what types of foods are best for them, taking them for their well child visits or selecting the best school, most moms spend a lot of time focusing on what’s best and making those options work for their child.

Your child’s teeth are no different. Yes, they will lose their baby teeth over time, but those teeth play an important role in the future of their smile. Not to mention, their adult teeth will begin erupting as early as kindergarten.

Here are 3 ways you can improve your child’s oral health, and keep their smile as beautiful as they are:

#1 Give your child plenty of water to drink

Sports drinks, juice, or even milk sipped on frequently throughout the day will trigger acid erosion in the mouth. Baby bottle tooth decay is one of the worst forms of decay seen in dentistry, and is typically due to young children keeping sippy cups or bottles of juice and milk with them throughout the day and into the night.

#2 Help your child brush and floss

Until your child is old enough to tie their own shoe, you should probably follow up behind them when they brush their teeth. Young children simply do not have the dexterity needed to remove all of the plaque on their teeth. Let them practice twice each day, but be sure to get in there once or twice a day to make sure they’re really nice and clean.

#3 Take your child to the dentist regularly

Begin with a dental checkup by the time their first tooth comes in or their 1st birthday. Routine visits allow your family dentist to identify problems before they become significant, putting prevention ahead of costly, invasive treatment.

Posted on behalf of Patrick O’Brien DMD, Carolina Comfort Dental


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