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What Happens When I Put Off My Dental Care?

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There are a lot of reasons why people have to put off their dental care. It may be a busy schedule, budget concerns, or just the feeling that there really isn’t anything actually wrong with their teeth. If you’re seeing a dentist that you trust, then you know that there’s a reason why they’ve recommended treatment. What can happen if you decide to put it off longer than they’ve recommended?

It can become more advanced

Unfortunately, damaged tooth structure cannot repair itself. Instead, it only gets bigger and more involved. If you need a crown today but put it off, you may need a root canal on it later. Small, easy to correct cavities may get pushed to the side, only allowing decay to continue eating its way deeper into the tooth. 

It will cost more to repair

Smaller, more affordable restorations only become more expensive to repair the larger the problem becomes. As mentioned previously, a cheaper filling could become a costlier root canal. By putting treatment off due to costs, you’re actually making it more expensive to restore your smile in the long run. 

It can damage your other teeth

A cavity or gum disease around one tooth can very easily spread to the next tooth, and so on. By correcting the problem as soon as possible, you’re saving the rest of your smile! 

It’s never a problem to get a second opinion if you don’t trust your dentist, but it is a problem when you don’t get treatment when you really need it. A quality dentist will do everything they can to help keep your treatment as minimally invasive, affordable, and preventive as possible.

Posted on behalf of Patrick O’Brien DMD, Carolina Comfort Dental


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