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Hospital Sedation Dentistry

Severe anxiety about dental care, or not being able to endure a typical treatment visit can leave some people wondering how they can get the care that they know they deserve. That’s why some dentists will offer hospital based sedation services for their patients. With hospital sedation dentistry, patients can benefit from getting all of their care completed during a single treatment, and be completely unaware of the process as it is being performed. What better way is there to help patients return their oral health back to optimal levels?

Patients that benefit the most from hospital sedation include those that:

•           Have special needs

•           Have severe anxiety about dental care

•           Are unable to sit still for treatment

•           Want to have all treatment completed at once

•           Need complex dental care needs or large treatment plans

When hospital sedation is performed, a licensed anesthesiologist will sedate and monitor the patient throughout the entire treatment, until all anesthesia meds are discontinued and consciousness has returned. There is no recollection of any dental treatment even being performed, because sedation is achieved on a general level through intravenous drug delivery. Patient safety is one of the biggest benefits of utilizing hospital sedation, because many experts are on hand to oversee every step of the care process.

Putting dental care off can only lead to further dental needs later on, some of which can be very serious. By utilizing hospital sedation, dental patients can get their needs all taken care of in a timely manner, no matter what the patient’s needs are. Many people that have special needs or are just too afraid of dental care can greatly benefit by the comfort and convenience of hospital sedation.

Posted on behalf of David Kurtzman


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