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Everyday Ways to Help You Relax During Your Dentist Appointment

It’s normal to have a small amount of anxiety when you have a dental appointment. While there are some people who absolutely love going to the dentist, it isn’t something that most people can claim to enjoy doing. Severe dental anxiety is something that you can help by using sedation or sleep dentistry to help, but for mild anxiety or nervousness about a dental treatment there are other small steps you can take to help make yourself more relaxed and at ease during your appointment.

Bring your headphones

Tuning out the sounds around you can help serve as a distraction and keep you more relaxed during routine dental procedures. Bring your phone and have your favorite playlist loaded and ready to go once you sit in the treatment chair. Once the assistant or hygienist has you seated and ready to go, you can put in your headphones and turn up the music, while you tune everything else out. Your dentist won’t mind one bit! Just be sure to bring headphones that won’t get damaged should any water or mist come in brief contact with them.

Schedule the appointment first thing in the morning

Having your appointment at the beginning of the day means you’re well rested and haven’t had all day to sit and worry about what’s going to happen. Most of the time people have a higher energy level and will be able to get about the rest of their day without thinking about the dentist, because it’s already over.

Bring a blanket (and maybe some essential oil)

Wrapping up in a familiar blanket will make anyone feel cozy. Sometimes the dental office can seem cold and uninviting, due to the sterile environment. A personal blanket brought to your appointment can make it feel more like home, and keep you warmer during the procedure. Add a drop or two of essential oils like lavender to your blanket to encourage relaxation.

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