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Is It Okay to Get Braces Again?

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Perhaps you spent years of living with a fixed orthodontic appliance. It felt so great to finally be done!

But in spite of all that time, the passing of a few years has found your smile looking a little crooked, to your great disappointment.

Is it safe for you to correct this mess by getting braces for the second time?

Why Your Teeth Shifted Out Of Alignment

The main reason why people’s teeth drift out of that tidy realignment is because they didn’t wear their retainer as directed.

Retainers are usually worn for life after completing treatment. That’s the only sure way to prevent a relapse in your tooth alignment. Some people feel that a year is long enough to be wearing their retainer. But in truth, your teeth are never going to give up their efforts to be back in their old positions!

Getting Braces Twice

As long as your teeth, gums, and jaw bone are all healthy, there’s almost no limit to how often you can straighten your teeth. It’s important to be reasonable, however. Cases vary from person to person. Talk with your dentist or orthodontist about whether now is a good time to realign your teeth.

Secondary Braces Options

If you’ve already had braces when you were a teen or (younger!) young adult, then you may have few more unique options available to you now.

Among these are a variety of conservative retainers and aligners that focus on moving only a few problem teeth. So you may not need to get full braces again. Ask your dentist whether something like Invisalign is right for you.

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