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Does Tooth Color Really Matter?

When it comes to your smile, the most important thing is that it’s a healthy one!

Not everybody gives their smile’s cosmetic appeal first priority. It’s perfectly fine if you feel that way, as well. But tooth color makes a bigger difference than you may realize. Take a look at some of the ways tooth discoloration could be a sign of trouble:

Stain Hides Bigger Problems

Small cavities that develop on the chewing surfaces of back teeth can go unnoticed if the tooth has staining. You might be completely unaware of a cavity until it has spread so far through your tooth that you need a crown.

Some stain is difficult to prevent and even harder to remove. But with good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, you can make sure there is nothing going on below the surface of the stain.

Your Tooth is What Color?

Teeth come in a variety of shades because of genetic diversity. The inner layer of the tooth (dentin) may be a lighter or darker shade of yellow depending upon the individual. The thickness of the enamel on your teeth also affects the hue. Teeth generally darken with age. This coloring is natural.

If your tooth turns gray or pinkish after experiencing some sort of accident, then you need to visit your dentist! This discoloration is a sign that the life of the tooth is in danger and may need a root canal.

Ask your dentist whether a discolored tooth is a cause for concern. Even if not, it wouldn’t hurt to give a little tooth whitening a try! You might be surprised at how it takes years off your smile.

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