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Want an Even Smile? The Secret May Lie in Your Gums

Have you ever smiled in the mirror and detested the sight of teeth that look:

  • Too long
  • Too short
  • Differently sized?

If so, then you could probably use a bit of minor cosmetic gum enhancement.

Gum Treatment – Why?

Teeth sometimes look a little funny just because they have too much or too little gum tissue covering them. It might not necessarily be that your teeth are too small . . . they could just be hidden under excess gums.

Instead of compromising your tooth enamel to increase the size of your tooth, you can simply laser or trim away a little of the excess gums (also called “crown lengthening.”)

How It’s Done

Your dentist or a periodontist (gum specialist) will make sure that your gums are numb before operating. Within a procedure of only a few minutes, the doctor will skillfully trim off a little border of gum tissue. More recently, this process often uses laser technology for quick treatment, minimal discomfort, and faster healing.

Cosmetic Smile Enhancement Options

Gum enhancement isn’t for everyone.

You may find that some areas of your mouth will benefit from gum therapy while others need enhancements to the teeth themselves. When most patients design their smile makeovers, they plan to incorporate many different elements of treatment.

Your smile plan might include a variety of procedures such as:

With the advice of a professional like a dentist or periodontist, you may find that there’s no need at all to treat your teeth. Just a little gum surgery could do the trick!

To find the combination that’s right for your smile, schedule a consultation with your local dentist.

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Smile Contouring: Beautiful Teeth in a Day

What if you could completely revolutionize your smile in a single day? Thanks to gum contouring and dental bonding, this is possible! You could experience a total smile makeover in a single dental visit and then find a whole new caliber of confidence in your smile.

Gum Contouring Alters Your Smile

Gum contouring, or reshaping, is the minimally surgical alteration of your gum line. Are you plagued by having a “gummy” smile? Do you feel your teeth look too short? Or maybe you are dissatisfied with the uneven appearance of your gums. Contouring helps to even things out so that your teeth stand out, bright and even, and your gums are no longer front-and-center. It will also help to fill in unsightly gaps between teeth.

Dental Bonding to Complete the Look

While gum contouring essentially “lifts” the gums to give you a fuller and healthier-looking smile, you may also wish to enhance the effect by having some dental bonding done. Dental bonding is the conservative application of tooth-colored filling material on the front of your teeth. Bonding can help make your teeth themselves look longer and/or fuller and even out those that are chipped or misshapen. The gaps between teeth are minimized when teeth are smoothed out with a little bonding.

Between gum contouring and dental bonding, you could leave your dentist’s office with a totally different smile after just one appointment! If you are self-conscious of the gaps between your teeth, the shape of your teeth themselves, or the amount of gum tissue that shows when you smile, then a smile makeover could be just what you need. Schedule a consultation with your dentist and find out which combination of cosmetic procedures is right for you.

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Cosmetic Contouring

It doesn’t have to take a lot to improve the overall appearance of your smile. Cosmetic smile contouring addresses the size and shape of your teeth, as well as the borders of your gum tissues. Sometimes just the slightest variation in the shape of our teeth or gum levels will make certain teeth look short, pegged, or different than the others. With cosmetic contouring, your dentist can change all of that.

Recontouring your teeth is usually a non-invasive or minimally-invasive procedure that takes just a few minutes per tooth. From smoothing the edges of your teeth to applying tooth-colored composite bonding, teeth can be completely re-contoured for permanent results.

Gingival contouring adjusts the margins of your gum tissue, making teeth appear the same size and minimizing the appearance of “gummy” smiles. Depending on the method used by your dentist, some types of gum contouring are completed using lasers, which make the procedure extremely easy for the patient. In fact, most patients that have laser recontouring experience no recovery time!

  • You should consider cosmetic contouring if:
  • You have teeth that are shorter or skinnier than normal
  •  There are teeth that are uneven or longer than others
  • Your teeth appear short due to excess gum tissue
  • Gumlines are uneven or irregular

The results are dramatic, giving you an entirely new appearance before you walk out of the office.

Smile contouring is perhaps one of the simplest, dramatic cosmetic dental treatments possible. The natural structure of the teeth is maintained, promoting a healthy smile that looks great. When combined with other types of treatment like whitening or bonding, your cosmetic contouring will change the way you smile for a lifetime.

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