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Health Considerations for Oral Piercings

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Oral jewelry may look pretty, exotic, rebellious, or tough, but it can also be dangerous.

Here are a few things you should think about before you go ahead and get your lip, cheek, chin, or tongue pierced.


Even if your piercing was done with clean equipment, it’s still a hole in your mouth. Oral injuries are risky due to the high levels of bacteria found in your mouth. These germs can trigger an infection in a new piercing or an old one if it’s not kept clean.


Too many people neglect their piercings, not realizing how dirty they can get. You may find it’s a pain to regularly clean your accessory and make sure the pierced area is free of foreign debris.

Allergic Reaction

It’s one thing to have your earlobe swell up from a cheap piece of jewelry. But getting a tongue piercing is a bad time to discover you have an allergy. If your tongue or throat tissues swell up, you may have difficulty breathing and face a medical emergency.

Gum Recession

If a piercing constantly chafes against your gums when your cheeks or tongue move, that can trigger gums to recede. Sensitive tooth roots can be exposed to decay and require treatment such as gum grafts or gum recontouring.

Swallowing Risk

There’s always the chance that something doesn’t get screwed in right, and you accidentally swallow something sharp!

Before you get an oral piercing, carefully think about this: whether making a personal statement is worth destroying a free and healthy channel of expressing yourself – your smile!

If you’ve already made up your mind, talk to your dentist about how to safely care for the area to reduce your risk of gum damage and infection.

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