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Tired of Your Gummy Smile?

Posted in Gum Disease

Do you see more pink than white when you smile in the mirror?
It’s fairly common to have teeth that look small in comparison with the shape of your gums.

Happily, there are ways to correct this!

Gummy Smiles: Why They Happen

One reason could simply be due to the shape of your mouth – a part of your genetics!

Certain medications like immunosuppressants and anti-epileptic medication can actually cause excessive gum growth as a side-effect.

Even the way your lips are attached to the front of your mouth affects how much of your gums are showing.

How to Correct a Gummy Smile

A very common procedure called “crown lengthening” or “gum reshaping” could be just what you need.

This procedure involves making crowns of your teeth longer. No, you can’t stretch out a tooth, but you can reduce the amount of gum tissue around the tooth.

Crown lengthening is quite often done with a laser. Excess tissue is carefully trimmed away with minimal discomfort. Healing occurs very quickly. A small bit of cosmetic gum recontouring could give your smile a complete makeover!

Is Gum Recontouring Right for You?

Gum reshaping is probably not going to be a permanent solution if your gums are growing as a result of medication use. Talk with your doctor to see if your prescription can be adjusted or changed.

It’s a good idea to correct a gummy smile, and not just for cosmetic reasons. Excess gum tissue creates deeper pockets around teeth which harbor bacteria, increasing your risk of developing gum disease.

Visit your dentist for a consultation to address any excessive tissue visibility. A healthy and more beautiful smile is closer than you may realize!

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Treating Your Gummy Grin

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. When you grin, are you showing more gum than you’d like? Do you try to hide your smile because you’re embarrassed? You don’t have to cover that smile up any longer! There are several options to get rid of that gummy grin and give you a brilliant, confident smile.

  • Botox: It’s not just for wrinkles! Botox can relax your over-developed upper lip muscle to prevent it from exposing so much gum when you smile. Your lip will still move naturally and appear normal, but your smile won’t be gummy and you can enjoy the beautiful results for 4 to 9 months.
  • Myotomy: Permanently relax the upper lip muscle to create a smile that doesn’t show off your gums. A small incision is made inside the mouth, under local anesthesia, to surgically weaken the muscle, while maintaining natural lip movement.
  • Gingival Recontouring: Do you may have too much gum tissue? There are two procedures, that surgically sculpt your gums to correct the imbalance. Gingivectomy is a procedure that removes excess gum to reveal healthy, hidden teeth. Gingivoplasty contours and corrects the appearance of the gum around your teeth. The result is a grin that showcases your teeth and not your gums.
  • Veneers or Crowns: If your teeth are too small, your gums may be the most noticeable thing about your smile. To correct the appearance of small teeth, veneers or crowns can be applied to cosmetically increase the surface of your teeth, restoring an aesthetic balance between your teeth and gums.

Talk To Your Dentist

If your gummy grin is making you feel self-conscious, visit your dentist and find out which option is best to give you a smile you won’t hide!

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Benefits to Gingival Recontouring

Gingival recontouring involves reshaping the gum tissues. It can be done a few different ways, some involving simple laser procedures or others with a more surgical approach. Once completed, recontouring of the gums can have a significant impact on the health and appearance of your smile.

Here are a few reasons why your dentist might recommend gum recontouring:

Aesthetics and Smile Makeovers

If your gums are bulky looking or uneven, it can take away from the appearance of your smile. It may even make your teeth look lopsided, short, or unusual. Adjusting the margins of the gumlines can expose more enamel surface and help your smile look fuller. In fact, it can change your smile’s appearance without even having treatments like veneers or crowns!

Oral Health

Unhealthy gum tissues can sometimes appear bulky, excessive, or have deep pockets that are impossible to keep clean. Adjusting the gumlines to shorten the pocket depth can make it easier for you to keep your smile free of bacteria.

Certain types of medication can also cause an overgrowth of tissues, such as those taken for blood pressure. Although infection may not necessarily be a problem, bulkier gum tissues may make flossing or brushing more difficult.

Restorative Treatments

Do you need a crown or filling that extends closely to the gumline? If gum tissues overlap the area that needs to be restored, a routine restoration isn’t going to work. You need to have the tissue adjusted so that the margin of the new restoration will not extend under the gumlines (otherwise it will cause irritation or swelling.) Lengthening the tooth by altering the gumline is usually the answer.

Want to find out more about gum recontouring or crown lengthening? Call your dentist to see if either option is right for you!

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Smile Contouring: Beautiful Teeth in a Day

What if you could completely revolutionize your smile in a single day? Thanks to gum contouring and dental bonding, this is possible! You could experience a total smile makeover in a single dental visit and then find a whole new caliber of confidence in your smile.

Gum Contouring Alters Your Smile

Gum contouring, or reshaping, is the minimally surgical alteration of your gum line. Are you plagued by having a “gummy” smile? Do you feel your teeth look too short? Or maybe you are dissatisfied with the uneven appearance of your gums. Contouring helps to even things out so that your teeth stand out, bright and even, and your gums are no longer front-and-center. It will also help to fill in unsightly gaps between teeth.

Dental Bonding to Complete the Look

While gum contouring essentially “lifts” the gums to give you a fuller and healthier-looking smile, you may also wish to enhance the effect by having some dental bonding done. Dental bonding is the conservative application of tooth-colored filling material on the front of your teeth. Bonding can help make your teeth themselves look longer and/or fuller and even out those that are chipped or misshapen. The gaps between teeth are minimized when teeth are smoothed out with a little bonding.

Between gum contouring and dental bonding, you could leave your dentist’s office with a totally different smile after just one appointment! If you are self-conscious of the gaps between your teeth, the shape of your teeth themselves, or the amount of gum tissue that shows when you smile, then a smile makeover could be just what you need. Schedule a consultation with your dentist and find out which combination of cosmetic procedures is right for you.

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3 Ways Gum Therapy Can Change Your Smile

Posted in Gum Disease

You have had a detailed discussion with our dentist and/or hygienist about how periodontal treatment will help bring your gums back to a state of health. What are some of the improvements you can expect to see in your smile as a result of gum therapy?

Get a less “gummy” smile.

In improving the health of your gums, the dentist may recommend the removal of excess gum tissue around the tooth by means of a simple laser procedure. This recontouring of the gums will reduce the depth of the pocket that once harbored disease, and will make accessing the pocket with a toothbrush and floss much easier for you. Having your gum line adjusted this way will expose more of your beautiful teeth so that you don’t have as much of a “gummy” smile as before.

Freshen your breath.

Gum disease is caused by bacteria that cause a break down in gum attachment and bone support. This infection typically causes a peculiar odor and taste in the mouth. When you get treatment to reduce the bacteria and encourage healing, the bad taste and smell should also go away.

Improve the appearance of your gums.

When your gums are troubled by disease, they tend to be puffier, looser, and even redder than they would be in health. This is because the inflammation increases fluid and blood flow in the gums. After gum therapy, the gums have the opportunity to regain a normal texture and color.

After gum therapy, you can definitely experience an improved smile. You can then talk and laugh with the confidence that your breath isn’t offensive to anyone. Talk with your dentist and hygienist about what you can do to maintain healthy gums.

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Getting Rid of “Gummy” Smiles

Do you have a “gummy” smile that makes you feel self-conscious? When you smile, do you have more gums show than teeth? Gummy smiles are common aesthetic problems that don’t usually impact the health of your teeth, but they do impact the way you feel about your smile. Did you know there were actually treatment methods available to help you rid yourself of a gummy smile once and for all?

Gingival Recontouring

Recontouring of the gum tissue is one of the simplest ways to change the appearance of tooth size and gum appearance. If gums are bulky or uneven, they can be adjusted so that they have a smooth, even appearance. This process also allows additional tooth surfaces to be exposed, making the teeth look larger and fuller. A recontouring procedure can be done surgically or with the use of a soft tissue laser. When lasers are used, the process takes only a few minutes to complete and there is little to no recovery time or discomfort. Contouring is perfect for teeth that look shorter than what they should, or to just generally help them look more even. 

Surgical Therapy

Some people have such advanced anatomical needs that they require surgery to improve the appearance of their mouth. This may involve bone repositioning, reshaping or jaw surgery. Although this is very uncommon, it may be necessary to help some people achieve their aesthetic goals.

Excess gum tissue can be caused by anything from certain types of medication to genetics. Schedule an exam with your cosmetic or surgical dentist to learn more about what options you have to improve your confidence and appearance.

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Three Ways Your Dentist May Use Crown Lengthening

Have you ever heard of crown lengthening? It’s a treatment that your dentist performs to adjust the gumlines around your tooth, exposing more tooth structure in the process. Here are a few common ways your dentists may use crown lengthening to enhance the health of your smile:

When Treating Gum Disease

Periodontal disease involves deep gum pockets around the roots of your teeth. These areas can be difficult to clean, allowing reinfection to occur. By shortening the depth of the pockets, oral hygiene is easier to maintain. Some dentists will recommend generalized crown lengthening as part of the periodontal therapy process. 

For Restorative Purposes

Let’s say you have a tooth that needs a crown, but not enough tooth is visible above the gumline. By shortening the gums, more tooth surface is exposed. This allows your dentist to prep and shape the tooth structure appropriately, so that a restoration can be placed over it. Otherwise there would simply not be enough tooth structure to work with. A tooth that would have required an extraction and replacement procedure can simply be restored instead. 


If your smile looks “gummy” or your gingival tissues are uneven, your dentist can alter them for a more natural appearance. This helps your teeth look fuller and your smile even from side to side. The process is sometimes called gingival contouring and is primarily for aesthetic purposes.

Caring for your smile doesn’t just mean cleaning or filling your teeth. It also has a lot to do with the health of the gums around your teeth. Ask your dentist how crown lengthening can help you improve your oral health.

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Laser Gum Recontouring Gives You Something to Smile About

When we think about going to the dentist or having cosmetic dental treatment, we usually think only in terms of our teeth. Rarely do we consider the actual gum tissues surrounding the tooth or how they affect our smiles. In reality, our gumlines can significantly influence the way our entire smile looks.

If our gum tissues are too bulky or uneven, it leaves our teeth looking shorter than they actually are. Or, teeth may appear to be different sizes. Contouring the gum tissue is an easy way to transform a person’s smile, simply by making the teeth appear fuller and even from side to side.

Gum recontouring used to be something that was fairly uncomfortable, as it was performed using small surgical instruments. Thankfully, patients can now have the procedure completed with a soft tissue laser. Laser gum recontouring is much quicker and much more comfortable!

With laser recontouring, the gums:

  • Experience little to no discomfort
  • Can be treated in just a few minutes
  • Need no recovery time
  • Receive instant results

Laser therapy can be used around healthy teeth, or teeth with restorations such as crowns, veneers, and fillings. The thin laser is slowly applied to the edge of the gumlines, reshaping perfectly, so that the precise amount of tooth is left exposed. Because the tissues are slightly cauterized, there is no need for sutures and there is next to no recovery time.

Take a look in the mirror – is it your teeth that you don’t like, or is it the gum tissue? If you’re unhappy with the way your smile looks, it’s time you thought about another option. Ask your dentist about laser gum recontouring!

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Getting Rid of a Gummy Smile

What do you see when you smile? Do you see beautiful teeth, or are they overpowered by a large amount of gum tissue instead? Gummy smiles can come from a variety of things including natural anatomy, excess gingival tissue, or even shortened teeth. Thankfully your dentist has a few things that can help you when it comes to helping your smile look fuller and natural.

Gingival Recontouring

Uneven or irregular gum tissue can make your teeth look shorter or uneven. Using minimally invasive techniques or even soft tissue lasers, your dentist can help create a brand new gumline contour that allows your gum tissue to be shortened. This exposes more tooth enamel so that your smile looks natural without any other type of treatment. 

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is often used in conjunction with other types of therapies such as periodontal procedures, crowns or even veneers. By lengthening the crown, the teeth are fuller and have more surface area exposed instead of being covered by the gum tissues. This process is often used to help restore and improve the health of teeth that have other conditions. 

Oral Surgery

Depending on the extent of your excessive tissue, your gummy smile may be attributed to anatomical structures including the formation of your jaws. A skilled oral surgeon can help you decide how best to address this concern so that when you smile, your lips expose your teeth instead of the tissues above it.

Which option is best for you? During your routine dental exam you can discuss your options with your dentist to find out what type of procedures can naturally enhance your smile and improve your appearance. Schedule your biannual preventive visit today!

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Benefits of Gingival Recontouring

Gingival recontouring is the cosmetic reshaping of the margin of your gum tissues. Depending on the type of methods offered by your dentist, this can be done using minimally-invasive methods like a soft tissue laser, or in a surgical setting. Both offer beautiful, healthy results that can greatly impact your smile.

So, why consider gingival recontouring?

To compliment other treatments.

If you’re having a treatment completed like a full coverage crown or veneer, recontouring can help the results of your treatment. For instance, if the margin of the restoration needs to extend further toward the gumlines in order to look uniform against other teeth, the gum tissue might need to be slightly adjusted. 

For the health of your smile.

Keeping your teeth clean can be problematic if there is an excess of infected gum tissues or if the tooth is covered too much by the gums. It can even cause chronic inflammation around restorations if the gum tissue covers the margin of the filling or crown. By proactively adjusting the edges of the gumlines it will be easier to keep your mouth healthy and improve your oral hygiene. 

For cosmetic purposes.

Having bulky gum tissues or a “gummy” smile can make your teeth look shorter than they really are. It can make you show more gum tissue than teeth when you actually smile. By recontouring the gums, you can help your teeth appear longer and fuller, benefitting the way you look. Some types of medication can even cause an overgrowth of gum tissue, which interferes with aesthetic concerns.

The results are instant, with little to minimal recovery time needed. If you’ve been concerned with the way your gums look, ask your dentist about the option of gum recontouring.

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