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Why Do Some People Get Braces?

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Genetics are the number one reason for needing braces. When the genetic dice are cast, some unfortunate individuals wind up with teeth too large or a jaw too small.

Even one sibling could end up with a smaller mouth or more crooked teeth than the other and it wouldn’t be anyone’s fault.

Some bad bites can be linked to habits such as thumb sucking.

Not everyone is bothered by having a few crooked teeth. But there are plenty of reasons why some may opt for orthodontic treatment.

Healthier Smile

Straightening teeth opens them up for easier access. Food and bacteria aren’t likely to get trapped between straight teeth. Even if they do, it’s easy to remove them via brushing and flossing.

Many people choose braces because they want to lower their risk for decay and gum disease.

Correct Bite and Speech Problems

Some orthodontic problems show up in function rather than in appearance. An open bite, for instance, could make it impossible to chomp into a slice of pizza. Getting braces can improve the quality of life for millions of teens and adults.

Get Gorgeous Teeth

If someone just likes the look of straight teeth, who’s to judge? Even adults of all ages are looking to orthodontics to make over their smiles. Straightening teeth is one of the most natural and non-invasive ways to change the way teeth look.

Improve Facial Appearance

Tooth root position plays a big role in the height and shape of the smile. Orthodontic treatment can help people create a more desirable profile.

Are you thinking about getting braces for any of the reasons listed above? Talk with your dentist about scheduling an orthodontic consultation.

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The Perfect Smile – Dental Beauty from Around the World

A beautiful smile means something different to different people. In fact, standards of dental beauty vary around world and have continued to evolve with time.

A few examples:

Indonesia – Many people in Bali practice teeth filing. This is thought to help rid individuals of savage traits. Religious leaders or local dentists provide the service.

Japan – Centuries ago, teeth stained black were the ideal of beauty. Nowadays, thousands of young Japanese women seek to alter their tooth alignment or shape to look like they have crooked child-like smiles. They feel this helps them appear innocent and less-intimidating.

Ancient Maya – The Mayan people implanted precious gems like emeralds and rubies into tooth enamel just because they liked to show off a smile that sparkled.

United States of America – The U.S. has taken the lead in setting a new standard for dental beauty. Classic “Hollywood” looks involving straight white teeth are gaining in popularity all over the world.

Everyone has different views on what makes a pretty smile.

But more important than how teeth look is how healthy they are.

Having teeth that are straight and white has become the latest and most widespread trend, because it represents health and youth. No plaque, no tartar, no cavities, no long yellow teeth – all of that means a smile both looks and feels great.

So if you’re thinking about making some cosmetic enhancements to your smile, first consider how to improve your dental health. Treating decay and gum disease are the first steps you should take in pursuing a more beautiful smile.

A healthy smile is the perfect smile! Visit your local dentist to find out more about balancing beauty with your oral health.

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Keeping Your Smile Healthy Through the Holidays

The Holidays are filled with enjoyable times shared with friends and family.  There is usually a variety of food involved in the holiday festivities, including all kinds of sweet treats.  This can cause some problems with your health and more specifically, your oral health.  Sweet foods can contribute to causing cavities in your teeth and gum disease.  So how can you keep your gums and teeth healthy throughout the holidays?

Consider the following recommendations:

Limit the Carbohydrates and Sugars- Cake, pie, crackers, rolls and candy are some popular holiday treats that should be limited because they can cause cavities and gum disease.  It is ok to have some of this food during the holidays season…just limit the amount.

Drink Through a Straw- If you must have sugary drinks like soda or fruit juices, try to drink through a straw to push the drink back behind your teeth and not flush your front teeth with sugar.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene- As with any other time of year, daily oral hygiene practice is completely necessary to protect your teeth from cavities and gum disease.  Your teeth should be brushed twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride and flossed at least one time a day.  If you are unable to brush your teeth right after you eat any sugary types of food, at least rinse your mouth out with water to help protect your teeth and gums.

Are you concerned about your smile?  Visit your local dentist to get your teeth examined as well as discuss treatment options for your smile.  Call your dentist today!

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