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Implant-Anchored Dentures

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Traditional implants now have a more modern and comfortable alternative – the implant anchored denture. An implant anchored denture is one that frees up space in your mouth, is more comfortable to wear, and is the next best thing to having your own teeth.

The design of implant supported dentures is a unique horseshoe shape that covers only the bony ridge where the teeth once stood. There’s no need for an acrylic plate or metal bar across the roof of the mouth, because suction isn’t used to hold an implant denture. Instead, the denture rests directly on top of titanium implant roots, which hold the prosthesis permanently into place.

You’ll enjoy better speech, more flavor to your meals, and a boost of self-confidence when you consider implant anchored dentures. Since the dentures can be supported on as few as 4 implant roots, they’re simple to have completed and more affordable than most people realize.

Taking care of your implant anchored dentures is easy. You’ll brush them just like natural teeth, and use a water flosser or threaded floss to clean under the prosthesis at least once a day. These simple steps allow you to have a permanent smile that doesn’t lead to the problems that traditional denture patients may have to deal with. They’ll always fit great!

If you’ve considered getting new dentures or are just bothered by your current prosthesis, ask your dentist about implant-anchored dentures!

Posted on behalf of Linda King DDS


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