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When Just a Couple of Teeth Are Out of Alignment

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Having just one or two teeth out of place can keep a lot of people from wanting to smile. A question that dentists and orthodontists get asked, although not as frequently, is how is it possible to move one or two teeth that are crooked or misaligned? Perhaps you had braces at one point and due to not wearing your retainer, your teeth drifted back into place. Or maybe you lost a tooth and the other teeth in your mouth are beginning to shift.

Many patients ask if it’s possible to just put braces on the crooked teeth, or use some other type of device such as clear dental aligners to correct the alignment of specific teeth, without having to put braces on. Although this may sound reasonable, moving just one or two teeth isn’t as easy as you may think. The way those teeth related to your other teeth is very important, and although your other teeth may not seem to be misaligned, there’s a chance that they are, or they could become misaligned if only one tooth is significantly treated.

Moving one tooth is often reliant upon guidance from the surrounding teeth. By using an aligner or braces across the entire mouth, your other teeth can help guide your misaligned tooth or teeth back into the proper position. This allows the teeth to all fit together properly as well as have optimal function that prevents premature wear or complications. While it may not sound like fun to use an aligner or braces across your entire mouth, the treatment for one or two teeth is typically more straightforward and simple, keeping your treatment time to a minimum.

Posted on behalf of Randy Muccioli


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