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Why Does It Hurt When I Have My Teeth Cleaned?

Do you wait long periods of time before your routine dental visits simply because it’s too uncomfortable for you to sit through? Does it feel like every time you have a dental cleaning, the hygienist just seems to irritate your gums more than anything else? Are you a great tooth brusher and still wonder why there always seem to be some areas that are tender to have cleaned by a dental professional? If so, you are not alone. Some people do delay seeing their dentist because they just simply hate having their teeth cleaned. Here are 3 important tips to follow to make each and every cleaning visit a positive one.

#1 – Tell your hygienist if it hurts.

Your hygienist wants to know if your cleaning is uncomfortable. If there are certain areas that are more sensitive than others, there are alternative steps we can take to help make your cleaning more comfortable. If necessary, you can ask for nitrous oxide or a topical anesthetic to help take away some of the discomfort associated with the visit.

#2 – You really do need to floss.

The biggest reason that patients have sensitive gums that bleed or hurt during cleanings is due to calcified tartar buildup that must be removed. Brushing every day will not keep this from forming between the teeth and under the gums. Instead, you really must floss each day to disrupt the bacteria. This also delivers oxygen to your infected gums and helps reverse the disease process (swelling and bleeding.)

#3 – If you have cleanings regularly, it won’t be so sensitive.

Believe it or not, if you come every 6 months instead of waiting 1-2 years for your cleanings, you will have smaller amounts of buildup on your teeth. This means they’re easier and quicker to remove!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mitul Patel 


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