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Family Dentistry

A dentist that specializes in family dentistry is the dental professional who is the primary caregiver that addresses their patient’s dental and oral health needs.  They provide many services including oral checkups, teeth cleaning, the filling of cavities and the installation of dental crowns, bridges, veneers and implants.  In addition, they also perform tooth extractions, root canals and oral cancer screening, as well as many other services.

They provide these services to the entire family from small children to elderly patients.  In addition, they will refer the patient to a specialist in the event that specialized services, such as oral surgery are needed.  In many ways they are very similar to medical doctors that specialize in family medicine.

It is important to establish a long-term relationship with a dentist specializing in family dentistry in order for the dental professional to have a long-term picture of a patient’s dental and oral health.  This is the way that the dentist can determine trends in a patient’s dental and oral health.  In many cases the Dentist and their patient’s have had a doctor / patient relationship for many years, with some dentists now treating their long-term patient’s children!

Another benefit of having an established relationship with a family dentist is the ability to have access to emergency dental care quickly.  Often, family dentists will be able to accommodate their established patients quickly in the event of a dental emergency such as a broken tooth.  A family dentist is a key health professional that plays a large role in their patient’s overall health!

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