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Whiten Your Teeth in One Visit

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Everyone wants whiter teeth, but the time invested in applying strips, wearing trays, and repeating the same process for up to two weeks can become cumbersome. Most people would prefer to have whiter visit after just a single treatment, especially if they need to go to a last minute job interview, be in a wedding or have another occasion where they want to make a great impression. After all, studies prove that the way your smile looks and how often you smile greatly affects the first impression that you make on other people. People with beautiful smiles and people who smile frequently are more likely to be seen as approachable, friendly, and are more likely to be hired for a job.

Teeth whitening doesn’t have to be complicated. With in-office laser whitening, your teeth can be brighter and whiter in just one visit to the dentist. The process is simple! A professional strength whitening gel is placed on your teeth after a protective barrier is brushed over your gums (this reduces tissue irritation.) After application, an ultraviolet light is placed over the teeth and acts as a catalyst to speed up the activity of the whitening gel. As a result, even deep severe stains are effectively lifted from the teeth. If needed, a second application is applied. The entire process takes approximately one hour. After you’re finished, you’ll have dramatically whiter teeth from the moment you get out of the treatment chair.

Dental patients love one-visit laser whitening. If you’re thinking about whitening your teeth and wonder what method is most effective for your teeth, call your dentist today to set up a whitening consultation.

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Non-Invasive Ways to Change Your Smile

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Improving the way your smile looks can give you a boost of self-confidence and change the way that other people look at you. Changing the way your teeth look doesn’t have to involve invasive, irreversible procedures. Many cosmetic dental treatments can improve the appearance of your teeth without altering your tooth enamel with drills, shots or uncomfortable procedures.


Removing years of stain from your teeth can be as simple as just one dental visit. In-office teeth whitening uses peroxide based whitening gel that is amplified through the use of a high beam laser. Deep stain is loosened and removed from the pores of the teeth, making your smile look younger, brighter and whiter. Take-home whitening trays are also very efficient and are both safer and more effective to use than any over the counter product available.


Dental veneers are placed over the natural tooth surface but blend in naturally so that they appear as normal teeth. Veneers are successful in creating the appearance of straight, white teeth when you smile and the procedure is completely reversible. There is no adjustment needed to your natural teeth, and each veneer is so thin that it just bonds directly to the enamel so that it looks and feels great. Applying your veneers takes just one short appointment and you’ll leave with an entirely new smile.


Small tooth colored material similar to fillings can be bonded to areas in the mouth where chips, gaps or gum recession is present. The bonding is matched closely with your enamel so that it appears as if the area is your natural tooth. The tooth is gently conditioned prior to the bonding being put in place.

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