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Invisible Braces Alternatives

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Invisible braces don’t have to be something that only rich people can afford. As the science behind invisible orthodontics has advanced, so have the options when it comes to selecting the best clear braces for you. There are several different brands of invisible braces including Invisalign and  ClearCorrect invisible braces.

Invisible braces use 3D imaging technology to make its orthodontic treatment as specific and detailed as possible. The 3D imaging allows patients to see what type of movement will be achieved before they even begin their treatment. Tooth movement is predictable, giving you the best results possible when treatment guidelines are followed.

Instead of the wires and bands used for traditional braces, invisible braces use a series of plastic alignment trays to slowly move your teeth into the correct position . These are similar in appearance to a clear retainer or whitening tray. As each set of trays is worn for several days, the teeth are guided into the desired position. Then, a new set of alignment trays is placed in the mouth to progress the movement further. There are no wires, brackets, or adjustments needed at your dentist or orthodontist’s office. Because invisible braces are predictable, you can take a few sets of trays home between each follow-up visit. There are fewer appointments needed, and even the ones that are necessary are shorter than those for people wearing traditional braces.

Enjoy whatever types of food you like, because invisible braces can be removed during each meal. There’s no need to change your oral hygiene routine, because brushing and flossing is performed as normal. Just brush your alignment tray with tap water before putting it back into your mouth.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Brett Gluck


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