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Sleep Disorders and Gum Disease

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Sleep disordered breathing not only interferes with your rest each night; it also increases your risk to suffer from gum disease and vice versa. Because both conditions are linked with inflammation, they place the immune system under increased stress and susceptibility to other conditions, allowing them to worsen as opposed to improving. People that suffer from sleep apnea are also more likely to experience problems such as auto accidents due to inadequate rest at night. They and their loved ones both suffer from less restful sleep, and may even have to sleep in other rooms due to snoring, equipment, or fitful sleep.

Managing both gum disease and sleep disordered breathing can begin at the dental office. Dental cleanings reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth, and put patients on the fast track to eliminating gum disease conditions along with oral hygiene education to improve home techniques. By eliminating tartar and being on a rigorous home care routine, daily bacterial levels can be dramatically reduced, and gum inflammation or bleeding can be completely reversed. This reduces the strain on the immune system as well as the complications it causes to patients with sleep apnea.

Oral sleep appliances are another very minimalist way to improve airflow and reduce the need for invasive treatments like CPAP machines. These devices work to reposition the soft tissues in the back of the mouth into an unblocked position by guiding the jaw forward, the same method that is used during airway opening in CPR. As a result, patients can rest more comfortably, in different sleeping positions, and without the bulky equipment used for traditional sleep apnea treatments.

Posted on behalf of Randy Muccioli


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