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Adults Want Straight Teeth, Too!

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What’s that old saying about it’s never too late? Believe it or not, that philosophy can also apply to getting straighter teeth and a beautiful smile. Yes, it’s true. Braces are no longer just for teenagers. Adults today who want straighter teeth a great looking smile have many options to choose from.  Most people recognize that healthy looking teeth are not only a benefit in their personal life, but can also be an asset in their professional arena. Healthy teeth create a great smile and a great smile can open many doors and improve self confidence.

Technological advances have helped to make this decision easier for adults.  There now exists more lightweight and cosmetic options instead of the dreaded “metal mouth” appearance. All of the bands and wire have been replaced with much smaller brackets that are bonded to the teeth and are white or tooth colored, making them virtually unnoticeable. Other options for adult braces include clear plastic aligners (called invisible braces or clear braces) or “inside” braces that attach to the back of the teeth. Today’s adult braces are more comfortable and produce visible improvements quicker. An adult can expect to wear braces anywhere from six months to two years.

As people live longer, more adults are interested in preserving their teeth and age is no longer a barrier. An improper bite can lead to gastrointestinal problems from improperly chewed food. Furthermore, oral hygiene could be another consideration. Teeth that are misaligned create more food buildup and more plaque, which could ultimately result in periodontal and gum disease. Your dentist can help you choose the right type of adult braces for your individual circumstances.

Posted on behalf of Kennesaw Mountain Dental Associates


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