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You, Too, Can Have a Better Smile!

In today’s world of cosmetic dentistry, there are many different options that offer everyone the opportunity to have that perfect, beautiful smile. No longer must someone suffer from a smile that’s less than desirable –  a smile that reveals bad teeth or diseased gums, broken, misshapen or missing teeth. A beautiful smile is no longer just for the wealthy or the celebrity. You too can have a better smile!

Are your teeth crooked and misaligned? Millions of adults are getting braces these days, thanks to newer technologies making them practically invisible. Where teeth have been extracted, dental implants into the jaw structure are an option. Dental bridges or partial dental plates can be used to insert false teeth into gaps where teeth have been removed. Teeth whitening kits are sold today over-the-counter or you can opt for professional teeth whitening by your local dentist. For those teeth too stained to whiten or too chipped to avoid notice, you can have nail-thin porcelain shells called dental veneers attached to the front surface of your teeth that will dramatically improve the appearance of your smile.

In our culture today, beauty and health are virtually synonymous. A beautiful smile can be your ticket through the door of opportunity to whatever dreams await you. Gone are the subconscious days of fearful hiding from toothless gaps and tobacco stains. Just as your teeth are gradually transformed by your dentist’s skill and expertise, so too is your self-esteem. Having a beautiful smile increases optimism and improves attitudes. Having the courage to smile just may get you that new job you’ve wanted or a date with a special individual. Consult with your local dentist to see which cosmetic dentistry techniques may best meet your needs. And, above all else, smile!

Posted on behalf of Marietta Family Dental Care, P.C.


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