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The Benefits of Regular Dental Visits

Regular dental visits for routine dental checkups and teeth cleaning are very important to maintaining one’s oral health.  Quick and cost effective, these checkups are easily scheduled, with minimal disruption to one’s schedule.  The benefits of these visits every 6 months include, identifying and treating minor dental issues early; before they become big and expensive issues.  In addition, there are a number of potentially serious issues that can be detected early as a result of regular dental checkups.  As with all serious illnesses, often the earlier the problem is discovered, the more treatable it is.   While today’s dentistry relies on technology, there is nothing better than an experienced dentist snooping around inside of a one’s mouth every 6 months!

Today’s dental technology, including traditional x-rays, 3d x-rays and laser cavity detection, allow dentists to find tooth decay very early in the decay process. Early detection makes treatment much easier, more painless and ultimately much less expensive. In addition, regular cleanings by a dental hygienist remove the build up of plaque on the teeth at the gum line, which helps prevent gum disease.

Oral cancer, which can affect the tongue, lips, inside of the mouth and gums, is a very serious disease and screening for oral cancer is one of the things that a dentist checks for during regular dental visits. In addition to being life threatening, it can also be extremely disfiguring as well.  The need for these screenings is particularly necessary for those that smoke, as well as those who use smokeless tobacco.

Posted on behalf of Linda King DDS



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