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Should You Get an Implant-Retained Denture?

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Many denture wearers reach a point where they’ve just about had it with their false teeth.

Some patients have a real problem with getting a denture to properly fit the lower half of their mouth. This can result in difficulty eating and speaking, sore gums, and even make socializing an unpleasant prospect.

If this describes you as well, then you could be a good candidate for an implant-retained denture.

What Is This Appliance?

It’s essentially just your denture with a couple extra attachments added. These sockets will click onto a few dental implants placed into your jaw at strategic points. For a secure fit, you may need as few as two implants.

The benefits of securing your denture with implants are:

– Greater support while chewing

– Increased comfort as the dentures won’t rest directly on your gums

– Better security while talking and laughing

– Reinforcement for your jawbone which tends to shrink from the pressure of regular dentures

What To Think About

Getting your denture outfitted to rest on implants doesn’t mean you can leave it there. You’ll still need to remove it daily for cleaning. But you can say goodbye to messy denture adhesives.

Implant surgery is safe for almost everyone. Still, you need to consult with your doctor and dentist before getting the implants to make sure that your body will welcome them.

If you’re sick of your lower denture sliding around with every bite, then now might be a good time to investigate the possibility of an implant denture.

Talk with your dentist to find out if and how many implants can keep your denture in place!

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