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Subtle Straightening with Tooth-Colored Braces

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Braces are an effective tool for reshaping uneven teeth and correcting bite problems in dental patients of all ages. Unfortunately, traditional metal braces are also highly visible and can be embarrassing for those forced to wear them in order to achieve a more beautiful, even smile. While the long-term benefits of orthodontia are apparent, it’s not always easy to keep long-term goals in mind while you’re wearing painfully obvious orthodontic appliances.

Fortunately for today’s dental and orthodontic patients, there are a variety of less obtrusive options available. With the help of porcelain or even high-tech plastics, orthodontists are able to help patients with crooked teeth, bite problems and other issues to correct their smiles without resorting to the glinting metal and brightly-colored rubber bands used in the past.

How Do Tooth-Colored Braces Work?

The attachments on the front of teeth to which the archwire is attached are called “brackets.” Traditionally, these brackets have been made of metal, and required rubber bands in order to be effective. These rubber bands have been available in transparent shades for quite some time, but even those bands can be rather conspicuous. This especially holds true when they’re used in conjunction with metal brackets. To further reduce the obvious nature of metal braces, tooth-colored coatings are available to make archwires blend in seamlessly with the teeth.

Tooth-colored brackets and archwires are even more subtle today because they’re self-ligating, which means they do not require rubber bands in order to straighten uneven teeth. The lack of rubber bands makes tooth-colored braces dramatically less conspicuous.

To determine how effective self-ligating, tooth-colored braces would be for the correction of your bite problems or uneven teeth, make an appointment with your orthodontist or general dentist for referral. With these advanced applications, you’ll be able to boast a straight, sparkling smile without enduring months or even years of metallic dental applications along the way.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David Janash, Park South Dentistry


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