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Is Private Dental Insurance Worth The Cost?

Unless you are covered under a group health insurance plan, dental insurance can be expensive. Many people who have private insurance ask themselves whether or not they should pay an extra monthly premium for dental insurance. As with health or car insurance, it’s all a game of risk. Are you willing to risk not having dental insurance because you have always had healthy teeth, or are you not willing to risk it because of the possibility that could happen?

It is true that dental insurance premiums can be more expensive than simply paying out of pocket for routine checkups and cleanings. Most cleanings run an average of $80. That bi-yearly $80 may seem easy to pay until you come up on needing more than just your routine cleaning. Cavity fillings cost about $100 per filling which can quickly add up if you need multiple fillings. Big-ticket items such as root canals and crowns can cost upwards of $1200 a piece.

But is dental insurance right for you? Most people with dental insurance have what’s known as “100-80-50” coverage. Meaning, those insurance policies will pay 100 percent of the cost of routine checkups and cleanings, 80 percent for fillings, and 50 percent for major procedures. Here is where it simply becomes a complicated math problem. Only you and your dentist know the state of your oral health. Talk with your Manhattan dentist to determine your risk factors for major procedures. You may be surprised to find that thoroughly caring for your teeth at home and through routine dentist visits is enough to counter the need for dental insurance. If you and your dentist decide that dental insurance is beneficial, ask your dental office to assist you in finding the coverage that is right for you and your budget.


When to Wear a Night Guard

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Night guards are used to help people avoid conditions like:

•           Chronic headaches
•           Teeth grinding
•           Premature dental wear
•           Broken dental restorations
•           TMJ disorders

Selecting when to have a night guard made by your dentist may not be a black and white decision. Some people come to their dentist because their loved one complains about the noises they make at night when they grind their teeth together. If left uncorrected, bruxism (grinding) can wear teeth abnormally, prematurely and compromise the stability of dental restorations.

If you wake up in the morning with a sore jaw, neck, shoulders or headache on a regular basis, you’re likely straining your jaws due to grinding or clenching during your sleep. This places excess pressure on your TMJ area and can damage the joint as well.

A custom fitted, professionally made bite guard can help you keep your mouth in a resting position during the night. Unlike over the counter guards, custom guards made by your Manhattan dentist will fit exactly to your mouth and stay securely in place. They are comfortable to wear and do not interfere with your sleep. What makes a night guard effective is its ability to prevent wear and pressure between the teeth as it repositions the jaw into a resting position. As a result, muscle tension and pain goes away on its own, and your teeth are protected from damaging themselves.

When you wear a night guard, you and your loved one will experience a better quality of sleep. The appliances are very easy to have made by your dentist and are typically ready at the same appointment or within just a few days depending on what type of device you select.


Teeth Whitening for Your Wedding Day

On your big day, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. You’ll have countless pictures taken and everyone’s eyes will be set right on you. Your clothes, hair and accessories all reflect hours of planning and attention to detail. Wouldn’t you want your smile to reflect that perfection? Whether you have hours or weeks left before your wedding day, your Manhattan dentist can help you achieve that pearly white smile that’s sure to look stunning.

In-office laser whitening is best for when you want to see instant results, and it can be performed even a day or so before your wedding. The treatment takes approximately one hour, and uses a high grade whitening solution that, when exposed to a high frequency light, accelerates the lifting of deep or superficial stain from your teeth. In just one visit you’ll see an improvement of several shades. For severe stain that is more difficult to remove, a secondary application can be done before you leave, ensuring that you’ll be pleased with your results.

Take home custom whitening treatments require approximately 2 weeks before full results are seen. Your dentist will make a custom fitted whitening tray that holds a professional strength gel along all of the surfaces of your teeth, ensuring proper contact. Just wear the tray for 30-60 minutes per day and you’ll see tremendous results within the first week. The second week helps lift deeper staining and ensures a longer-lasting, whiter smile. Unlike over the counter treatments, professional trays work more effectively and are made to prevent tissue irritation or bleaching of the gums. Just a simple impression is needed, and your trays are typically ready for you to pick them up within a day or two.

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