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Teeth Whitening Options

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Patients with stained or discolored teeth have several options available to restore the appearance of their teeth.  These options include over the counter bleaching products, including specialized toothpastes, as well as numerous options available thru a dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry.  These products include “at home bleaching trays” and various teeth whitening treatments performed in the dentist’s office.

In general, the over the counter products are not effective in whitening a patient’s teeth quickly.  While generally inexpensive, the over the counter bleaching products often take months before any results are visible.  The bleaching trays, obtained from a cosmetic dentist, are a much better option, as they are custom fit for the patient’s mouth and the gel used is very effective in whitening teeth.  The trays, which have a whitening gel applied, are generally worn 2 times per week at night, while the patient is sleeping.  In most cases, patients see significant improvement in the appearance of their teeth within a week of two.  Immediate results are seen when a patient undergoes teeth whitening in the dentist’s office where a gel is applied to the patient’s teeth and a light or laser is used to complete the whitening process.  This procedure usually takes no more than one hour and the results are immediate!

The best option is a combination of teeth whitening in the dentist’s office, using the whitening gel and light of laser, followed by the regular use of “at home bleaching trays”.  The “in office” treatment provides instant cost effective results, while the period use of “at home bleaching trays”, maintains the white appearance of the patient’s teeth for years to come.  Known as “lifetime teeth whitening”, this is the best option available for patients not wanting to worry about stained or discolored teeth ever again!

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