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Summer Travel Dental Care

Summer is a time for vacations, trips to the beach and backyard cookouts with friends and family. The kids are out of school, you’re taking a week or two off from work here and there, and summer becomes a time of letting loose and letting go. And with all that traveling and relaxation, it’s easy to let good dental hygiene habits go by the wayside.

Here are some quick tips to make sure you enjoy the season without neglecting proper dental care:

  • Schedule your family’s routine dental cleanings and checkups in the summer months. Dental appointments are sometimes difficult to get during the school year, especially during those busy after-school hours.
  • Pack a travel kit that’s ready to go whenever you are. Include a new toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. You could also throw in some dental wax, gauze and pain reliever in case of emergencies. (The wax can be applied to a broken or chipped tooth until you can get to the dentist.) It is also a good idea to wrap your toothpaste in a plastic baggie, to avoid the mess of a leaky cap.
  • If you’re eating out or attending a cookout, take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are abundant in the summertime. They are both nutritious and better for your teeth than candy, soda and other sugary treats.
  • Carry some sugarless gum with you, for those times when you are unable to brush after a meal. The chewing motion helps stimulate saliva, which in turn helps to neutralize any acid in the mouth.
  • If sugarless gum isn’t available, try water, another neutralizing substance. Just a little swishing will go a long way to reducing any risk of tooth decay.

If it helps, just think of the summer as a time to get into a different routine for your regular oral hygiene, albeit a much more relaxed routine.


Posted on behalf of Dr. Michael Mansouri, Marietta Family Dental Care, P.C.


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