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Affording Your Dental Care

Being able to afford the dental care you need is important. Putting care off even longer due to the cost can mean that conditions worsen and become even costlier to correct. What needs a filling one day can be a tooth that needs a root canal and crown later this year. Here are some tips to keeping the cost of your dental care down, and being able to afford it when something happens.

Always take advantage of your preventive care coverage from your insurance provider. Most preventive visits are covered around 100% and include dental cleanings and checkups, x-rays, exams, and fluoride. These visits can keep your teeth healthy and diagnose needs at their earliest stages.

Ask your dentist about financing options. Many dental offices either have an in-house financing program or work with a 3rd party financing company that offers 0% or low-interest loans for 12-18 months for patients to complete medical or dental care.

Check your insurance plan to see if you have any waiting periods on treatment. A new plan may require you wait 6 or 12 months before certain types of procedures. If you’re thinking about switching insurance plans, look at the fine print first, and see if it’s going to prevent you from being able to afford any particular procedures.

If you don’t like your coverage, take it up with your provider or your HR department at your employer’s office. Most of the time, the coverage benefits are based on something agreed upon between your employer and the provider. Your dentist can’t influence how much your plan will reimburse for your care.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Michael Mansouri, Marietta Family Dental Care, P.C.


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