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Same Day Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns have traditionally been a multi-appointment procedure, requiring patients to first be diagnosed, and then come back for a preparation appointment. At that appointment, the tooth is adjusted and an impression is taken which is then sent off to a dental laboratory. Within about 2 weeks, the final dental crown is ready for delivery, and the patient returns to have it permanently cemented into place. For those 2 weeks, the patient typically wears a temporary crown. If the permanent crown doesn’t fit or something is wrong, the process starts all over again.

But not with same day crowns! CEREC milling technology allows dentists to completely eliminate the need for gooey dental impressions and off-site laboratories. Instead, CEREC technology uses 3D virtual impressions that are scanned into computer software and transferred directly into the on-site mini lab. This mini lab machine uses the image to custom-mill a porcelain crown that fits so precisely that it’s even a better fit than one made by a 3rd party dental lab.

At your same-day CEREC crown appointment, the tooth will be prepared the same way it would for a conventional crown, but you won’t have to get up and leave halfway through the treatment. After the tooth is fully prepped, the virtual scan is quickly taken and the crown fabrication starts right away. You’ll have the chance to relax for a bit, and once the milling is completed, the crown is permanently fixed into place and you’re free to go on your way!

You shouldn’t ever have to worry about the way your smile looks or a temporary crown falling off. If you’ve put dental treatment off because of the time needed for them, ask your dentist about CEREC same day crowns.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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