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Why Do I Need a Crown?

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Crowns are used to help correct and stabilize teeth for many different reasons.  If your dentist has told you that you need a crown, this article may help you understand why your crown is necessary.

The primary goal of all dental crowns is to restore a tooth to a normal size and shape.  Many times, if a person has had a large cavity, a crown is used instead of a filling to restore the tooth and protect the remaining natural tooth.  This crown will also help in appearance, as a crown can be made in a natural tooth color and will blend in with your surrounding teeth.

Another common reason for a crown is to cover the tooth after a root canal. This tooth covering will protect the remaining tooth and the tooth canal.   When the root pulp has been removed during a root canal, the tooth is sensitive to breakage and infection after that type of repair so a crown is necessary to protect the tooth.

Sometimes a tooth is broken or a large filling has broken and a crown is needed to restore the tooth. A tooth also could be weak from extensive repair work and a crown is recommended. Using a crown in this way will help keep the natural tooth intact, and provide the needed support to keep the tooth there.

A final reason to have a crown placed is if you have a badly shaped or discolored tooth. Using a crown in these situations will allow your teeth to look more pleasing.

If you are considering a crown, or if your dentist has suggested one, know that a crown ultimately will help in preserving your natural tooth and mantaining an attractive smile.

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