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The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

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Most people consider braces due to aesthetic concerns that they have for their own or their children’s teeth. However, orthodontic therapy can generally improve the overall dental health of each person due to the functionality it brings to a correctly aligned dental arch.

Teeth that are misaligned often tend to function abnormally. This creates premature wear of individual teeth, resulting in flat or sharp tooth surfaces that do not chew properly. Over time some individuals may find that they simply run out of tooth structure to even eat with. By correcting the position of the teeth, the entire mouth can distribute chewing forces in a proper and even manner, extending the life of every tooth.

Gum disease can easily form around teeth that are crowded and misaligned. This is due to the areas simply being more difficult to keep clean of plaque biofilm. As the bacteria develop along the gumlines, calcified tartar deposits develop under the gums. Tartar harbors bacteria, which contributes to bone loss around teeth. When this bone loss becomes severe enough, the entire tooth can become loose and fall out. By correcting the alignment of teeth it makes them easier to clean by allowing surfaces to be easily accessed during normal oral hygiene practices. Cleaner teeth and gums are the only way to prevent gum disease. If areas are impossible to reach, they most likely begin to develop disease conditions around the tooth.

If you have been avoiding orthodontics because you don’t want to endure years of the “metal mouth” look, you should talk to your dentist about alternatives such as six months braces or Invisalign invisible braces.

So there you have it! Orthodontic therapy has numerous benefits that not only improve the appearance of your smile and increase your self-confidence; it also benefits the life and function of your entire mouth.


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