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Guide to Over the Counter Tooth Whitening Products

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There are a variety of products and brands available at retailers when it comes to improving the way your teeth look from the comfort of your own home. If you’ve never used a whitening product before or haven’t talked to your dentist about it, the choices can seem completely overwhelming. Choices include selecting what method you want to go about using to whiten your teeth, what type of solution you want to use, and the time frame that you want to make it happen within.

 Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are one of the most efficient ways to whiten with a commercially fabricated kit. The trays allow easy shaping around the teeth and gums, helping to access the areas between teeth and keep the gel off of sensitive gum tissue.

Whitening Trays

Over the counter whitening trays are not made to fit flush against individual teeth. If not used carefully the whitening solution can spill over onto the gums and cause a chemical burn.

Brush on Gels

Because brush on whitening gels are not held in place by a tray or strip, they wipe off easily against the cheek or lip, requiring for them to be used more frequently before results can be seen. They are however, useful for problem areas between crowded teeth that are difficult to reach with other products.

 Whitening Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Whitening ingredients added to your oral care products can help decrease and repel stain buildup from normal food and beverages. Unfortunately they are also often associated with tooth sensitivity.

Always discuss your teeth whitening plan with your dentist. This allows him or her to identify any areas where you may have problems whitening or may be prone to hypersensitivity. Your dentist can also help you decide what type of over the counter product is the most effective and efficient for your personal needs. Many over the counter products can produce mild to moderate shade improvement, however, the most efficient results will always come from a professional kit.

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