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Are Gold or Porcelain Crowns Better?

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Gold crowns have been used in dentistry for decades. Newer porcelain crowns are now one of the more popular options for the modern dental patient. When it comes to deciding which type of crown is best for your own treatment needs, which one is best, a gold crown, or a porcelain crown?

Gold crowns are unique in that they allow the material of the crown to be shaped as closely as possible to your tooth. They provide a very accurate fit and reduce the risk of wide margins or overhangs that often collect plaque (making you less prone to develop gingivitis.) The soft material is more forgiving to chewing forces, and wears very well in comparison to you other teeth.

Porcelain crowns are the aesthetic treatment of choice for teeth in the front of your mouth, or that show when you smile, talk, or laugh. The material is closely matched to your surrounding teeth, so that the porcelain blends in naturally and looks as if it were a real tooth. The downside to porcelain crowns is that it is much more susceptible to fracturing than a gold crown.

Because porcelain does not flex or conform, there is a risk for slivers of porcelain to chip away, or for the crown to fracture apart if you accidentally bite on something very hard.  It is impossible to patch a broken area or add on to a porcelain crown, so if they are damaged to the point where your smile is compromised, they require complete replacement. Thankfully, porcelain materials continue to be improved, providing dental patients with stronger crowns than what were previously available.

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