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Tooth Accidents in Small Children

Losing that first tooth is a monumental occurrence for children. It means they are growing up and permanent teeth are replacing those sweet baby teeth. But what happens when a child’s tooth is lost before it was ready?

All children fall down and get boo boos, but one boo boo that often shakes up parents is when teeth are knocked out. The first thing to do if your child knocks out a tooth is to apply pressure to the bleeding gum for a few minutes. A frozen popsicle can help limit the swelling, and can often distract your child from the pain and trauma of knocking out a tooth. Once your child is calm and the bleeding has stopped (per no other medical emergency), call your pediatric dentist for the next available appointment. If possible, bring the tooth that has been knocked out with you.

Your dentist will evaluate your child’s mouth to determine whether or not a “spacer tooth” needs to be bonded to your child’s gums. Baby teeth are important because they hold a spot in your child’s mouth for the permanent teeth to come in properly. In some cases when a baby tooth is knocked out prematurely, the space can begin to close and cause misalignment for the permanent tooth. This is not always the case and your dentist will make the best judgment. If your dentist determines that your child can go without a spacer, then you will want to get your camera ready for those undeniably cute pictures of your new snaggletooth!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Michael Mansouri, Marietta Family Dental Care, P.C.


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