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Dental Implants and Security Metal Detectors

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Air travel these days has gotten a lot more intense thanks to increased airport security. It’s hard to remember what you are and are not allowed to bring. It’s understandable that you don’t want the added stress of setting off every security metal detector with your dental implant.

Is this concern holding you back from getting an implant?

All you frequent flyers can now be at peace – dental implants do NOT set off airport security systems!

Anatomy of an Implant

Your dental implant is typically made of a metal rod inserted into your jawbone. A small abutment piece would show above your gums, but that’s the anchoring point for the crown, or false tooth.

How does this metal not create an issue for metal detectors?

Metal detectors sense magnetic objects. Dental implant parts are made from a material called titanium.  Aside from being so easy to integrate with human tissues, this biocompatible metal is non-magnetic.

A titanium implant is pure, meaning it’s not mixed with any other potentially detectable metals. You’re safe to walk through airport security!

Benefits of Dental Implants

There’s not much that can hold you back from enjoying all the benefits a dental implant can offer. You don’t need to run around with that gap in your smile any longer!

With an implant you can:

  • Eat all of your favorite foods
  • Smile with confidence
  • Brush and floss normally
  • Get your “natural” tooth back, for good

Do you still have some questions about implants? Your local dentist is your best resource for all of your concerns about replacement teeth. Ask your dentist whether a dental implant is right for you.

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Dental Implants Make the Perfect Option for Missing Front Teeth

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It’s not uncommon for a front tooth to be lost during an accident or injury. Childhood injuries, auto accidents and even a slip and fall in the bathroom could cause you to lose a tooth. Replacing it isn’t a problem, but when it’s in the front of your mouth you want an option that lasts long and looks great at the same time. Some tooth replacements require bulky or removable prosthesis that dramatically impact the front of your smile, but dental implants offer an alternative that are worth your attention.

Dental Implants Stand Alone

Instead of having a prosthesis that bonds to two teeth and spans the width of the missing tooth, dental implants are independent tooth replacements that stand on their own. Each titanium root functions the same way your real tooth roots do – anchoring themselves into the bone. Once new bone formation has secured the implant, a restoration such as a crown can be placed on top of it. 

A Permanent Replacement

Dental implants have the highest success rate of any type of dental treatment and have the potential to last your entire life. The implant itself is regarded to be even stronger than your natural teeth! A successful implant treatment will give you a new tooth that you won’t ever have to worry about losing again. 

They Can Be Used Anywhere

If you have more than one tooth missing, implants are still an option. They can support individual crowns, fixed bridges and even full dentures. Their durability and strength allow them to be used anywhere in the mouth.

Are you a candidate for implants? New technology is making more people a candidate than ever before. Book a consultation today to find out more.

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