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How to Select A Cosmetic Dentist

The field of dentistry in general, and cosmetic dentistry in particular, is changing rapidly today due to technological advances in procedures and materials. Improvements in whitening procedures, tooth restorations, and smile correction or enhancements are but a few areas on the cutting edge of technology. With this in mind, how can you be confident in choosing a cosmetic dentist that can best meet your individual needs?

It may take a bit of personal commitment and wherewithal to ensure that you get the most from your future dental investment. First of all, you can contact the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) to find out if your dental professional has continued to pursue education in the latest technological advancements. Be sure to check on your dentist’s credentials and membership organizations. Your family doctor or regular dentist may be willing to refer you to a good cosmetic dentist.

Check with your friends or coworkers if some have had recent dental restorative work performed. If you already have a specific procedure in mind, you could schedule a consultation to determine if your dentist has experience in that particular area. Ask your dentist for recommendations or photos of other patients who have had similar procedures. Don’t be timid about asking your dental professional about the quality of his dental lab.

Following these procedures will help you feel confident that your cosmetic dentist has the skill, experience and expertise to accomplish your goals for that winning smile. Cosmetic dentistry today is reasonably affordable so don’t compromise on quality of materials or workmanship for lower costs. Your dental health and wellbeing is worth the time and effort to ensure you the most benefit from your cosmetic dental professional.

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