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Mini Implants and Snap On Dentures

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Dental implants are changing the face of dentistry, even for the patient who wears dentures! Mini implants are a uniquely designed titanium implant that is half of the size of traditional implants, allowing them to be placed in smaller amounts of bone. There is no healing time required, and mini implants can immediately be used for supporting prosthesis, such as a snap-on denture.

Snap-on dentures offer denture patients a more secure, stable fit for their prosthetic appliance. Only a few mini implants are needed, and the denture is fitted with receivers so that it snaps directly into place over the jawbone. The devices allow patients with a previous history of ill-fitting dentures to find a way that allows them to get through each day eating and speaking the way they truly deserve.

A properly fitting denture should never require the use of adhesive pastes or tapes. Rather, the suction between the prosthesis and the bone or roof of the mouth is normally adequate to keep it securely in place. For patients who lack the bone height or suction needed for traditional dentures, snap-on dentures can help! Once your mini implants are placed, your snap on denture can be worn immediately.

Unlike implant supported dentures, snap on dentures that fix onto mini implants will come in and out of your mouth, allowing you to take them out overnight for cleaning and to rest your oral tissues. As with all dentures and implants, you want to clean your appliance, and brush around the implants each day. An overnight soak can help to loosen debris so that it easily brushes away in the mornings.

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