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Small Treatments with a Big Impact on Your Smile

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Getting your smile “made over” doesn’t always mean that you have to go through a lengthy, expensive dental treatment drains breaks your pocketbook. There are lots of options available to traditional dental patients that can help change the way they smile without breaking the bank.


Whitening can make your smile appear years, even decades, younger than it actually is. Peroxide based professional strength teeth whitening gels help lift deep set stains so that they naturally break apart and float off of the teeth. Ask your dentist if in-office laser teeth whitening or take-home whitening trays are best for your smile. 

Composite Bonding

If changing your entire smile with dental veneers isn’t something you need, you can correct the appearance of one or two teeth by using tooth-colored composite bonding. Bonding is carefully matched to the shade of your teeth so that it blends in and looks like natural tooth enamel. Some areas that are correctible by bonding include teeth that are chipped, have gaps between them, are broken and discolored.

Orthodontic Treatment

New types of braces now allow patients to improve the appearance of their smile in a matter of months in some cases. To make it even better, most of these orthodontics are clear and almost invisible to other people. Correcting the misalignment of your teeth not only helps them look better, it also makes your mouth healthier because it discourages gum disease and tooth decay from developing around those teeth.

The first step in improving your smile is asking your dentist about the appearance of your teeth and what options he or she would recommend. A new smile may be easier to achieve than you thought!

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