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Six Month Smiles

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Adults who consider orthodontic treatment base their decision on a few predominant factors, one of them being how long the treatment will take in order to be completed. With Six Month Smiles, your teeth can be straightened in just half of the time of traditional braces! Six Month Smiles improves the appearance of your smile, so that your teeth appear straighter, healthier, and give you the self-confidence you need to flash a smile around everyone you meet.

Six Month Smiles uses tooth colored brackets that are almost completely invisible. Not only that, but instead of a wire between the brackets, a tooth colored device is used, eliminating the appearance of any metal in the mouth. The entire orthodontic system blends in with your natural tooth enamel. In addition to the overall treatment times being reduced, appointments are also shorter for Six Month Smiles patients. Routine visits require very short adjustments that speed up the process and save valuable time for the patient, allowing them to get on and about their normal daily routine.

Both adults and teens make good candidates for this type of orthodontic treatment. Because Six Month Smiles focuses on the appearance of the teeth seen in your smile and have a dramatically reduced treatment time, treatment expenses are much less than traditional braces. If you’ve ever considered braces to improve the way you look but are hesitant due to the expense, appearance and time investment, then you should consider Six Month Smiles braces. The end result will be a fast treatment that gives you a straight smile that you can feel comfortable and confident in when you’re around others.

Posted on behalf of Springhill Dental Health Center


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