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Habits That are Bad For Your Teeth

You brush twice a day, eat well, and floss once a day.  You see your dentist on a regular basis, and have not had a cavity in years.  You may think that you are taking great care of your mouth and teet, but did you know there are several habits that you may have that are really bad for your teeth?  Read this article to find out more about those hidden things we all do that are dangerous to our mouth and teeth!

The number one culprit for tooth injuries is eating ice.  Chewing on frozen ice cubes can cause small chips, breaks, and fissures to appear in teeth.  Even though ice is sugar free, and tastes great on a hot day, instead have a cold drink.  Save your teeth!

The next time you are out playing football or ice hockey with your friends, don’t forget that mouth guard.  Trauma to the mouth is the number one reason for tooth loss.  Prevent that trauma by keeping a mouth guard in whenever you play contact sports.

You may think that mouth and tongue jewelry is really exotic, and looks great.  Unfortunately, tongue and lip piercings can irritate your mouth, gums and teeth leading to receding gum lines, teeth cracking, and broken teeth.  Avoid the permanent jewelry if you can!

Do you have a cough or cold?  Before you pick up that cough drop, read the package.  Many are simply hard candy with a little cough suppressant in them.  Instead, look for a sugar free variety or immediately brush afterwards to get rid of the sticky sugar in your mouth.  You don’t need to fight a cold and a cavity at the same time.

By thinking about some of these relatively innocent habits, your teeth will remain healthier and happier and last your entire lifetime!

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