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Is a Mouth Guard Really Important?

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We all like to smile, and talk, and laugh.  Most of us enjoy eating.  Losing teeth through a traumatic injury can make all of that come to a sudden stop, if you lose your front teeth.  Sometimes, accidents happen resulting in unavoidable mouth injuries.  Many cases of missing front teeth, though, result from sports injuries and could have been avoided if the person was wearing a mouth guard.

Wearing a mouth guard will help protect you from tooth loss if you experience an unanticipated blow to the face during sports.  Mouth guards also help minimize the risk of breaking teeth, and helps minimize or eliminate injuries to your lips and tongue as you are less likely to bite these areas in this type of situation.  The linings of your cheek are also protected when you wear a mouth guard.

Not wearing a mouth guard may increase the risk of having a mouth injury by almost 60%.  Mouth injuries can occur in almost any sports.  Common athletic events that may lead to mouth injuries include boxing, football, gymnastics, skating, and biking.  If you thought you were safe or did not need to wear a mouth guard because you do not participate in contact sports, you should know that many mouth injuries occur in ‘solo’ type sports after someone falls or tumbles.

There are several different types of mouth guards available.  The best fitting ones are custom made based on a mold of your mouth.  Others can be purchased at sporting goods stores.

If you think you may benefit from a mouth guard, or if you participate in any sort of athletic events where you may fall and hit your face, you should talk to your dentist about a mouth guard.  A well fitted mouth guard increases the likelihood that you will use the guard each and every time, and help decrease your chances of permanent injury.

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