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What are CEREC Crowns?

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Dental crowns can enhance your smile along with restoring your teeth.  The down side to a traditional crown however, is that the process usually requires multiple appointments, the need to take messy dental impressions and having to wear a temporary crown.  This is not the case with CEREC Crowns!

CEREC stands for, “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics” or “Ceramic Reconstruction.”  Thanks to modern technology, the CEREC crowns can be made specifically for your teeth in the dental office and placed in your mouth all in one appointment!  This alleviates the need to take dental impressions of your teeth, to wear a temporary crown, or to wait a couple of weeks on a dental lab to create a crown specifically made for your tooth or dental implant.

CEREC crowns are made of material that is remarkably stronger than many other kinds of traditional crowns.  With these types of crowns, digital computer technology is used to chart all of the details of your tooth needing the crown as well as surrounding teeth.  Your dentist can then match the crown color to the color of your other teeth, design and produce a perfectly matched crown that will be placed onto your tooth or dental implant in the correct position.  This is why dental impressions are unnecessary with CEREC crowns.

Overall, patient satisfaction appears to be high with CEREC crowns due to the above benefits.  The entire process is more time efficient and in most cases, more comfortable for the patient.  So the next time your dentist tells you that you need a crown, ask him/her if CEREC crowns are available in their dental office.

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3 Reasons to Consider Same-Day Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns are a lasting and lovely means of protecting a tooth that has been compromised by fracture or decay. What is the only thing better than a crown? A custom-designed crown fitted to your tooth in a single appointment.Many dental offices offer you the option of having your crown completed in one day. How does this benefit you?


Same-day crowns are delivered before you leave the dental chair, eliminating the need to send you home with a temporary crown. You can now pursue this necessary dental treatment without worrying about the time it will cost you for multiple appointments. Temporary crowns are easily removed by accident, meaning that extra office trips are required to cement them back on. None of these worries come with a same-day crown!

A Durable and Natural-Looking Restoration

The same-day crown is milled from ceramic so that there is no need to have any metal in the mouth. This beautiful material looks just like natural tooth, giving you a strong and stellar smile.

Fewer Needles!

Nearly any dental procedure is made more comfortable with local anesthesia and this includes preparing a tooth for a dental crown. Many people don’t care for needles, however, so they don’t like coming back for multiple appointments during which they have to get an injection or two. As same-day crowns are completed in one appointment, you only have to be numbed once.

When you need to save your tooth with a reliable and beautiful restoration, choose a same-day crown to get all the benefits in a fraction of the usual time. Your dentist will be happy to help you decide on the restoration that is just right for you.

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Benefits of CEREC Crowns

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What is CEREC? CEREC is computerized technology that allows your dentist to create customized, permanent restorations like crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers. Just like lab-made crowns, CEREC crowns are cosmetically made to match your smile, but with a few additional benefits:

CEREC Crowns Make Same-Day Dentistry a Possibility

Traditional crowns have always required at least two appointments, typically 2 weeks apart from one another. Why? Because the crown is made in an off-site laboratory and must be shipped back and forth. If it doesn’t fit, it has to be re-made all over again. Not with CEREC! All CEREC crowns are made at the very same appointment, allowing you to complete your dental treatment all during one visit to your dentist. While your crown is being made, you can catch up on other dental work, have your teeth cleaned, or just sit back and relax until your crown is ready. 

They Fit More Accurately

CEREC crowns fit more accurately than any type of hand fabricated crown that is made in a lab. There is no room for human error, because all of the information and crafting is done through the computer. Your completed crown will fit better than any other crown available, with fewer (if any) adjustments needed. 

No More Goopy Impressions

All impressions for CEREC crowns are taken digitally, using a 3D scanning wand. The image of your prepared tooth is electronically transmitted through the sensor into the CEREC program. This data is then interpreted by the crown-milling machine. No more impressions, models, or mistakes! Everything is electronic.

CEREC crowns are permanent resin crowns that last for years. Call your dentist to see if CEREC is an option at their office.

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Same Day Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns have traditionally been a multi-appointment procedure, requiring patients to first be diagnosed, and then come back for a preparation appointment. At that appointment, the tooth is adjusted and an impression is taken which is then sent off to a dental laboratory. Within about 2 weeks, the final dental crown is ready for delivery, and the patient returns to have it permanently cemented into place. For those 2 weeks, the patient typically wears a temporary crown. If the permanent crown doesn’t fit or something is wrong, the process starts all over again.

But not with same day crowns! CEREC milling technology allows dentists to completely eliminate the need for gooey dental impressions and off-site laboratories. Instead, CEREC technology uses 3D virtual impressions that are scanned into computer software and transferred directly into the on-site mini lab. This mini lab machine uses the image to custom-mill a porcelain crown that fits so precisely that it’s even a better fit than one made by a 3rd party dental lab.

At your same-day CEREC crown appointment, the tooth will be prepared the same way it would for a conventional crown, but you won’t have to get up and leave halfway through the treatment. After the tooth is fully prepped, the virtual scan is quickly taken and the crown fabrication starts right away. You’ll have the chance to relax for a bit, and once the milling is completed, the crown is permanently fixed into place and you’re free to go on your way!

You shouldn’t ever have to worry about the way your smile looks or a temporary crown falling off. If you’ve put dental treatment off because of the time needed for them, ask your dentist about CEREC same day crowns.

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