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What If You Don’t Have Time to Get a Dental Cap?

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One of the biggest reasons people put off dental treatment is because it can be inconvenient to a busy schedule.

Getting a dental crown, for example, can be a two-visit process. If there’s a holdup, then you may have to come in for a few additional appointments.

You just can’t afford to take that kind of time off from work.

Happily, more and more dental offices are turning to technology that cuts a huge chunk of time out of the crown-making process. This saves both you and your dentist a lot of time and money.

Dental Crowns in A Day

When technology makes advancements, dentistry is never far behind. Many dental practices now feature an on-site machine that manufactures dental crowns and other restorations right there in the office.

Additionally, these machines are often connected to computers with specialized design software. Instead of taking a messy impression of your tooth, the dentist simply scans it with an intraoral camera. The 3D image goes straight to the computer where your dentist can create the pattern.

The design goes right to the on-site milling machine which neatly carves the final restoration out of a solid piece of ceramic.

The best part? All of this can be done in just one visit.

Is A Single-Visit Crown Right For You?

These in-office one-appointment dental caps have been a lifesaver for many patients who are short on time. But keep in mind that this process has some limitations depending on what material or type of restoration is best for your tooth.

So, the next time you need a crown, ask your dentist whether this single-appointment crown technology is available near you.

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Benefits of Same-Day CEREC Crowns

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Many dental offices these days have the experience and equipment needed to provide quality dental crowns in record time. The CEREC system is what has made this possible. CEREC stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.”

To summarize, it means producing a durable and beautiful ceramic restoration within a single appointment. What can this technology mean for you the next time you have a crown placed?

Save on Time

The CEREC machine mills out an individualized crown from a solid piece of ceramic. The pattern is based upon scans taken of your teeth. From scanning to milling, you can have the entire process done within a single visit. You don’t have to take multiple days off from work to come in for crown fittings.

Get it Right the First Time

CEREC cuts out the step of waiting for a lab to return the finished product. This means you don’t have to wait weeks for your final crown. You won’t even need to bother with a temporary one! In the majority of cases, you can be sure that you will leave the office that day with a crown that is built to last.

A Beautiful and Lasting Crown

CEREC produces restorations that are customized to each patient, but uniformly of the same excellent quality. A ceramic crown is a beautiful restoration that can protect one of your back teeth from any further damage. It wonderfully resembles a natural tooth, so no one needs to know that it’s there!

Contact your local dental office to find out more about the CEREC technology available in your area. This procedure could help you enjoy a new crown sooner than you thought possible!

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Three Reasons to Choose a Same Day Dental Crown

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We are often faced with having to choose between either quality or convenience. It seems one of those things must be sacrificed at the expense of the other. When it comes to your next dental crown, however, you won’t have to make that choice again! Consider these three reasons a same-day dental crown is your best option.

Less Stress

Visiting the dentist may cause you a good deal of stress. If you need a crown to restore and reinforce a tooth, the entire procedure could be done in one day if you choose a same-day crown. That’s it! Only one appointment of numbing and dental work is necessary. That should be a load off your mind!

State-of-the-Art Design

Same-day crowns are designed from a computer-analyzed scan of your prepared tooth. More computer technology is used to craft the finished crown from a piece of porcelain. The result is a durable, natural-looking, and precisely fitting crown delivered within a single appointment.

Save Yourself Some Time

By choosing a same-day dental crown, you can have everything completed in a single visit. Gone are the days of fussing with temporary crowns and waiting for the lab to return the finished product. It’s probably not easy for you to take time away from your job or other obligations to return for multiple dental appointments. Save yourself some time by choosing to have a strong and beautiful dental crown placed in a single day.

Experience the benefits of same-day dental crowns. Ask your dentist about the technology used to provide fast and quality crowns and how this could change your smile for the better.

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Same-Day Dental Crowns

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Traditionally, crowns are designed from an impression of your tooth in a lab that is separate from the clinical dental office. The process is thorough and precise, but can take weeks to accomplish. In the meantime, there is a temporary crown that is placed, but there is often the danger of that popping off, accidentally. There is no waiting and no temporary crown associated with a same-day crown procedure.

What are same-day dental crowns like?

The Process

The dentist will prepare the tooth as usual to be fitted for a crown. Ordinarily, an impression is taken of the tooth and surrounding areas, which is then sent away to a dental laboratory. When a crown is made and delivered in one appointment, CAD/CAM (computer-assisted design and computer-assisted manufacturing) technology is used to capture a three-dimensional image of the prepared tooth. The specifications for the tooth’s design are computed and then sculpted out of a block of porcelain in a milling machine. The finished product is cemented into place and checked for a comfortable fit.


The quality and durability of same-day crowns have so far proven to be on par with their more traditional counterparts. Traditional crowns tend to appear more life-like, and many feel it is preferable to wait longer on a regular crown for a visible front tooth. For the less-visible back teeth, however, it is often much easier to have the needed crown completed in one day to save on time and discomfort.

There is no compromise of quality for time, if you choose a same-day crown. Ask your dentist about the technology available to produce comfortable and lasting crowns.

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Same Day Crowns

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If you’ve ever had a dental crown completed before or know someone who has, you know that they require a lot of detail, precision, and planning. Traditional dental crown treatments take two appointments, with a temporary crown worn between the visits until the permanent crown can be made. Now there’s an option to complete dental crowns in just one visit.

Same day dental crowns use advanced technology that captures virtual data and transfers it into an on-site milling device that creates the custom-fitted crown at the very same appointment. The same day crown is made of color-matched material that is just as strong (if not stronger) than traditional porcelain crowns. Because there is no room for human error, same day crowns typically have a more precise fit than any lab-made dental crown. That means your crown can be permanently bonded into your mouth on the very same day.

Choosing same day crowns is an excellent option when you have a busy schedule and don’t want to return for a 2nd or 3rd appointment. It also allows your dentist to have an opportunity to catch up on all of your dental needs in just one appointment. Your same day crown will last just as long as other types of crowns, giving you the dependability that you need each and every day.

Crowns are typically recommended on teeth that have had large cavities, fractures, or been treated with a root canal. If you think you need a crown are want to consider a same-day treatment instead of traditional 2-visit crown procedures, ask your dentist whether or not you are a candidate for the treatment.

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Kennesaw Mountain Dental Associates
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CEREC Crowns

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Don’t have weeks to wait and appointments to keep in order to have your tooth crowned? Good news! CEREC is the latest in dental technology that can create a dental crown the same day that a patient comes in to visit the dentist. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or Ceramic REConstruction. No longer do dentists have to take a mold of a tooth and have that mold sent off to a lab for construction. With CEREC, dentists are able to efficiently construct, produce, and insert individual ceramic restorations in a single appointment. Using this time saving, computer aided process has made having a tooth crowned a much easier procedure for both doctors and patients.

Not all dentists offer same day crowns, but if you are in a time crunch to have a tooth restored (e.g. wedding, vacation, etc.) finding a dentist who offers this service may be highly beneficial to you. Dental crowns are used to restore a tooth that has become decayed, weakened, or broken. By using the advanced CEREC technology, dentists are able to restore the beauty and function of a tooth in a single office visit. A picture of the tooth will be taken and then converted to a 3-D virtual model. From this virtual model, dentists are able to create a custom crown that can immediately be placed in the mouth.

The CEREC crown technology is the most advanced in the dental practice today. People are saving time and money with this in-office procedure that used to take weeks. Call your dentist today to see if s/he offers CEREC crowns. If not, enquire to find out who offers this service in your area today.

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